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The Prince of Egypt - A New Musical

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Thursday, 1 July 2021

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Saturday, 8 January 2022

Running time
2 hours 38 minutes

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The Prince of Egypt

You adored the 1998 classic DreamWorks animated film, The Prince of Egypt, with its fabulous show tunes and wonderful story. Now you're in for another big treat. The movie has been transformed into a beautifully-adapted stage musical which premiered in Silicon Valley, thrilled Denmark, and is set to be a whopper of a hit at the magnificent Dominion Theatre. The fun kicks off in early February 2020, and there's going to be a glittering, star-studded London premiere on 25th February. You have a short run of just 32 weeks, a small window of opportunity to enjoy this splendid show.

DreamWorks Theatricals is part of the Universal Theatrical Group, and they've worked with Michael McCabe and Neil Laidlaw to create this awesome stage experience. Stephen Schwartz created the music for the movie, of course, and has also penned 10 new tunes for the stage show, which you'll experience along with several of the original tunes. Philip LaZebnik, whose work on Mulan and Pocahontas also thrilled millions of people, wrote the book. Scott Schwartz directs, the man responsible for the smash hit The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Last but never least, we have the talented Sean Cheesman to thank for the choreography. He helped to bring the smash hit US TV talent show So You Think You Can Dance to life, and like all the rest he has a marvellous reputation. It's going to be great!

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Young Couples:

Amazing, a a must see!!!
Fantastic and colourful, emotional and funny at the same time. Great story line a must see for the whole family!
Ranjit, 26 Oct 2021
Roberta, 25 Oct 2021
A well choreographed and performed show
Toyin, 24 Oct 2021
Dancing and singing was amazing. So talented
Everything was amazing but sometimes the music was louder than the voices so it was hard to hear.
Kirdana, 24 Oct 2021
fabulous interpretation of a dynamic and epic story
Lorraine, 24 Oct 2021
Must see
Walter, 24 Oct 2021
Excellent props. Over all is impeccable
Excellent. Highly recommended. It’s a must to see
Rommel, 24 Oct 2021
Fantastic show.
Carlo, 22 Oct 2021
Great show
Josephine, 21 Oct 2021
Fantastic show with excellent singing and special effects. A must see.
Linda, 20 Oct 2021
I share.
An amazing show that will be added to the memories my son and I share.
John, 18 Oct 2021
A very good show
Joao, 17 Oct 2021
What a wonderful show
Michael, 17 Oct 2021
Helen, 17 Oct 2021
A must see
Yaron, 16 Oct 2021
Kya baat hai
Tejas, 15 Oct 2021
Leslie, 14 Oct 2021
Spain should hace more shows like this!!!
Jennifer, 12 Oct 2021
Must see!
Tiago, 10 Oct 2021
Absolutely ming blowing!!
Izabela, 09 Oct 2021
Must see
Brian, 09 Oct 2021
Really enjoyed the show
I’m 18 and went with a group of friend. Makes a change from the cinema. Spent the rest of the evening in the west end after the show. After 2 years stuck in , what more could you ask? Great night out , finally
Ollie, 08 Oct 2021
We absolutely loved the show ! Wonderful story and very emotional scenes . Music , scenery and costumes top class .
Jacqueline, 07 Oct 2021
Fantastic entertainment for all the family
Loved the show- everything was fantastic.
Deborah, 07 Oct 2021
Must see!
Nicollette, 07 Oct 2021
This is a masterpiece, a must see for people who love and understand theatre and art overall. I truly enjoyed and admired the hard work and creativity put on the scene.
Ekaterina, 06 Oct 2021
great music, dancing and singing
Catherine, 05 Oct 2021
Sound too loud and song words were inaudible at times. Otherwise every aspect was excellent. Due to the efforts of the company keeping everyone safe, unfortunately the cold air was very uncomfortable to the point of us actually shuddering.It was like watching the show from a mountain top. However,in these difficult times well done for giving us the opportunity to see a fabulous show.
John, 05 Oct 2021
Excellent performance
I like the show , the performers are excellent , amazing voices of singers and dancers were great !
Sylvia, 04 Oct 2021
Andrea, 04 Oct 2021
One of the best shows, ever!!!
Rudolph, 03 Oct 2021
Very intense and gripping
Reena, 30 Sep 2021
Amazing show . We love it 💘
Paulo, 30 Sep 2021
Amazing !!
It was highly entertaining , the production and actors where flawless. It has made me want to come back to London to enjoy another show !
Valerie, 28 Sep 2021
Oana, 26 Sep 2021
Truly wonderful!!!
Awesome. I was in awe!
Julie, 25 Sep 2021
Jane, 25 Sep 2021
Yegor, 25 Sep 2021
Absolutely spectacular!
I attended the show with a friend visiting London. We didn't know what to expect but were absolutely stunned by the actor's performance, costumes, music and choreography. The props and scenes were just incredible. The story of Moses was also very well presented! More people should see this!
Lilia, 23 Sep 2021
Choreography fantastic
Dancing really told the story, enhanced by the costumes and staging.
Alison, 22 Sep 2021
Three times in two weeks,can't/won't stop going!
Tonia, 22 Sep 2021
Some spectacular effects and imaginative choreography
Jacqueline, 19 Sep 2021
Phenomenal. From tears in your eyes to goosebumps on your neck and the overwhelming urge to sing at the top of your voice and stand up and dance along. Blown away, really one of the best shows to see!
Clara, 10 Sep 2021
Great show but too many annoying kids
Christian, 26 Aug 2021
Very colourful, entertaining, nice big theatre
John, 24 Aug 2021
I took my daughter to this for her 21st birthday because she watched the Dreamworks animated version so often when she was young! It was brilliant, with some of the best vocalists we have ever heard in a show. The only downside was the musical version omitted ‘Playing with Big Boys now’ which we agree was one of the best original songs. However, as a whole, would absolutely recommend this show, which quite rightly received a standing ovation.
Tinu, 22 Aug 2021
Superp Spectacular.Top of everybodies bucket list
peter, 20 Aug 2021
Absolutely epic
My favourite part of the whole show was the infectious and emotional music. Fun in places and also a bit tearful at times. Please be warned that there is a lot of special effects used that some audience members might adversely react to.
Steven, 16 Aug 2021
Exceed my expectations
An excellent show, delighted. Exceed my expectations. Love every moment. I am still singing "If you believe".
Shaliza, 14 Aug 2021
Amazing show with a brilliant cast.
Karen, 14 Aug 2021
Awaiting a refund
Received email to say our tickets were cancelled due to cast/crew member had tested positive for Covid 19. Did not get to see the show. Have still not received a refund on our tickets.
Adele, 13 Aug 2021
Was cancelled ,then looked to rebook and was more expensive. Ask for refund wont be rebooking.
Carole, 15 Jul 2021