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The King and I - Winner of 4 Tony Awards

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The King and I

It first opened on Broadway over 65 years ago. After two years it came to London’s Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Two years after that, it was made into a film with original stage actor Yul Brynner and Scottish sweetheart Deborah Kerr. Now, The King And I is back again.

Featuring such well-known songs as “Getting To Know You” and “Shall We Dance?”, The King And I tells of the initially uneasy relationship between the King of Siam and his newly appointed governess, Anna. Despite wanting to show a progressive stance and forge connection between East and West, the King is thrown by Anna’s candidness and blunt attitude. Eventually, they strike up a strong friendship that lasts the rest of their lives.

Bartlett Sher’s 2015 Broadway version of The King And I now travels across the pond to the Dominion Theatre, where it will play from January 2024, starring the leading duo Kelli O’Hara and Ken Watanabe, both of whom played the roles at the Vivan Beaumont Theater and both of whom were nominated for a Tony Award for their performances. O’Hara went on to win the Tony for Best Leading Actress in a Musical and the show itself won Best Revival of a Musical. Tickets are now on sale for what may be the biggest revival of the 2024 season!

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Young Couples:

Great evening.
Quality performance. Classic story with great singing and costume changes
Sara, 03 Mar 2024
Good show
Very good show, good acting and singing.
Julie, 03 Mar 2024
Best musical ever
Lucinda, 02 Mar 2024
The performers were all excellent. The dancers were phenomenal
Loved it all
deborah, 02 Mar 2024
Fabulous show
We loved the show especially tge King of Siam and his Son. The acting and singing of the King's Son was outstanding.
Ursel, 02 Mar 2024
Delightful show
We went mainly because of “Trixie”, but the whole show was amazing! She has a wonderful voice and in fact all of the singer was fantastic. Costumes, sound and orchestra all excellent!
Trudie, 02 Mar 2024
Superb experience of all traditional values of musical theatre
So glad we managed to get there before the season for this show finished at the Dominion Theatre . A real treat .
Julia, 02 Mar 2024
Very enjoyable
Very uplifting to see, Colour and sound fabulous
Teresa, 02 Mar 2024
A thoroughly enjoyable evening
Mark, 02 Mar 2024
I absolutely loved the show , everyone was outstanding but Helen George was fantastic, her vocals are incredible & such clear diction , a really amazing performance
Odette, 01 Mar 2024
The King & I etc, etc, etc…
Loved everything about it! The orchestra, the acting, the costumes and the stage! Lots of laughter, and some very moving parts. Worth seeing and even worth seeing again.
Jane, 01 Mar 2024
Must See
Wonderful singing and acting by everyone with Helen George as Anna being the icing on the cake
Rosemary, 01 Mar 2024
Enjoyed enormously
I knew the show, of course... have even seen a similar production a few years ago. The two leads (the King and Anna) really brought the show to life with... ... his acting, ... his singing. The costumes and dancing of the assorted salves, children, etc... magical! I'm not sure I'd recommend the show for youngsters. I'm NOT one for "protecting" them... but I think the King's outbursts might be confusing, upsetting. And I think that some of the core themes, might not reach them, leaving them puzzled as to why they were watching this.
Thomas, 01 Mar 2024
Wonderful Production Do Not Miss
Faultless production of this timeless show. All the Cast were wonderful. Amazing voices, and superb choreography and dances.
Lesley, 01 Mar 2024
A little dull
Great singing and costumes. Cute children. Disappointing sets the stage often completely empty. Felt too long at around 3 hours and overall dull and old fashioned . Not my favourite musical
Tracey, 01 Mar 2024
Don’t miss it!
A really fabulous show! The music, the performances were all amazing. I may go again!
Barbara, 01 Mar 2024
Great musical writing
Rogersand Hammerstein great
Richard, 29 Feb 2024
A wonderful experience
A great feel good musical, had a really lovely time
CAROLYN, 29 Feb 2024
Liked yh
Liked the show very much every thing about it. Singing was very very good by all the singers. Acting was excellent. All in all a lovely performance
Yvonne Margaret, 29 Feb 2024
The show was amazing, it brought us all to tears at the end, brings back so many wonderful childhood memories of the film. Fantastic.
Jenny, 29 Feb 2024
Faithfully recreated.
A wonderfully told well loved story. The acting was brilliant. Even the small details from the film were included.
Angela, 29 Feb 2024
a bit long with too much dancing after the interval which was unnecessary
an excellent show beautifully presented but we did find it had too much Thai dancing and could have ended sooner. a 2 hour show is enough.
Susan, 29 Feb 2024
Excellent Show
It was very professional. Lots of colour in the stage sets and costumes. Excellent acting. Loved it.
Bridie, 28 Feb 2024
Totally Wonderful
Can’t rate this show highly enough, was a little skeptical about seeing this show on stage as I LOVE the film so much. However I needn’t have been. It was excellent, love the theatre, staff great, costumes, singing, dancing and acting amazing. Theatre was a little on the chilly side and as usual had to queue for the ladies as per norma.
Hazl, 28 Feb 2024
Splendid day out- one, two, three
Excellent. Helen George is simply marvelous
Colette, 28 Feb 2024
Enjoyable evening
Robert, 27 Feb 2024
Great entertainment
Wonderful leading lady with a beautiful voice. A truly magical performance of timeless classic romantic songs.
Marjorie, 26 Feb 2024
The seating could be better by designing the seats at a zigzag angle so that the front row seat does not block the viewer of the row behind it.
Noel, 25 Feb 2024
A fabulous show with a very talented cast.
A fabulous show with a very talented cast. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. There were many laugh out loud moments, and some very touching moments. The child actors were absolutely wonderful throughout. Loved the costumes, and the dance routines. Some crystals could be added to Mrs Anna’s ball gown when she dances with the King to Shall We Dance, to give that extra sparkle and to contribute to the splendour of the moment. Helen George was amazing and captivating. Congratulations to you all. An outstanding success.
Wendy Pauline, 25 Feb 2024
Sadly not as good as the movie
Seats were good with clear view - but uncomfortable given length of the show. Acting and vocals just a little average. Came away underwhelmed. Shame as had been looking forward to it.
Colin, 25 Feb 2024
Excellent set. I enjoyed every moment of the show.
Tonia, 25 Feb 2024
Excellent must see show
The show was excellent with a top cast. Great singing and acting.
Sally, 24 Feb 2024
A Joyous occasion
Everything about the show was great. Production, Acting, Music etc etc
Colin, 24 Feb 2024
A great afternoon in company with the King and I it's a bit of an old time oddity.
Plus side - some brilliant theatrical moments such as the arrival of the ship. Ensemble production at the end. All the children scenes. Absolute barn stormer of We kiss in the Shadow with Tuptim and Lun Tha. Worth coming just for that! Not so plus: Not much chemistry between Anna and The King - or the Captain or indeed anyone. (Others a pleasure to see Helen George in a leading roll). Oddly the Programme we bought did not have an order of musical numbers or who was singing then.
Michael, 23 Feb 2024
The King and I is one of my favourite films and the stage performance lived up to my expectations, Helen George was amazing, as all the cast members.
helen, 23 Feb 2024
Wonderfully done.
We thoughorly enjoyed the show, but we were absolutely freezing cold up in the circles, due to bad air-conditioning and people should be warned about it.
Susan, 22 Feb 2024
King is great!
It was good
Michelle, 22 Feb 2024
The show is excellent and Helen George is a brilliant singer as are the other main characters. There were elements of comedy and it was an easy show to watch.
Lynda, 22 Feb 2024
You don't have to know the film
Amazing show, I'd you've never seen the film it doesn't matter. If you have seen the film, you'll love it! This is a classic.
Beverley, 21 Feb 2024
Wonderful singing, acting and laughter±
everything was right to make this theatre trip a memory of a lifetime!
Simon, 19 Feb 2024
Wonderful experience
Forgot the number of stairs. I have a disability and it wasn't until leaving I remembered you have lifts available. This information could be highlighted in the foyer. The show was superb and is one I could see again and again.
Susan, 19 Feb 2024
Fantastic. Very long show..... might be worth taking an extra cushion.
Sam, 18 Feb 2024
It was more opera than general musical.
Shame it didn't stick to the original songs. Too many serious songs sung like opera to make it enjoyable for most kids
Gillian, 18 Feb 2024
Loved it
The show was very well produced. Helen had the perfect voice for the Roger and Hammerstien music. Very enjoyable.
David, 16 Feb 2024
A timeless classic!
Loved it, a great production of a timeless classic. Helen George was perfect in the lead role and had a superb voice. Very enjoyable show.
Susan, 16 Feb 2024
Lovely show
Sat in row P in the stalls...fab seats.lovely colourful show
Julie, 16 Feb 2024
fantastic singing
A really good show. A simple story with wonderful songs and music to which the cast did more that good justice. Really good to see the theatre virtually full even for a matinee. A thoroughly enjoyable experience!
Anthony, 15 Feb 2024
A little slow, but overall an enjoyable experience. Second act much more engaging.
Amanda, 15 Feb 2024
Superb performances by all
A spectacular show from start to finish. The orchestra were tremendous and together with the songs, carried the audience through a truly wonderful evening.
Michelle, 15 Feb 2024
Wonderful production of King and l.
Very good from start to finish. We sat in H1 and H2. The view was excellent, only problem as always not lot of legroom. But hey ho it didn't spoil show. It was funny,sad and plenty of colour and costumes and wonderful singing.
Emma, 14 Feb 2024
Good production but a very dated show
Well acted and staged. Story is very dated
David, 14 Feb 2024
Transported back to the golden years of Hollywood
Helen George was brilliant as Anna, beautiful powerful voice. First wife very good too. I don't think the King had enough magnetism or presence. Hard to beat Yul Bryner. I didn't feel the chemistry between Anna and King. Prince Yulalongchun had the right energy and stance. Tuptim would have looked more striking with hair up in traditional Siam style as well as Siam sari. Staging and scenery could have been more opulent. Seating was tight for legroom and no rails to help me climb up and down as I have MS. My tickets were not emailed to me either, despite ringing before hand. Orchestra were excellent. As usually sweets and snacks terribly over priced, more than double the high street, cinemas do the same but at least their ticket prices are less than £8.
Suzanne, 13 Feb 2024
Beautiful story bought to life on stage
Saw The King and I with my friend, it didn’t disappoint. Beautifully told through theatre, dance & music. 3 hours (with a 20 minute interval) may seem long, but it needs to be that length to allow the relationship between The King and Anna to develop. Would recommend
Tracey, 12 Feb 2024
£101.00 per person very over priced for the show. Don't close half the toilets off at the end of the show. Surely everyone will be out quicker if all toilets are open.
Kerry, 11 Feb 2024
Lively extravaganza
Excellent singing and music. Spectacular dance sequences.
Trevor, 11 Feb 2024
The staging snd performance are excep.
Ingrid, 11 Feb 2024
A fabulous show
A show with amazing acting and singing as well as some humour
helen, 10 Feb 2024
Great night out!
Went to see Helen George tread the boards and boy can she sing, dance and play the proper English lady. She was accompanied by an excellent cast of singers and performers. A truly great night out on a wet London night.
Roger, 09 Feb 2024
A joyous show great songs that we reconise and keep in your head as you wend your way home
A show for all the family.The dancing superb and great acting by all in the show.Helen George does Really well hitting all the top notes A totally feel good show which is something we all need.
melanie, 09 Feb 2024
Fabulous show
So pleased to see this - even better than expected- Helen George was fantastic, so pleased to see orchestra too. All singing was wonderful in this traditionally staged classic musical
Anni, 09 Feb 2024
Full on old style musical
A wonderful performance. Somewhat too long but great value for money. Theatre staff very helpful
Bernice, 09 Feb 2024
Just wonderful.
Loved everything about the show. Brilliant acting, music, costumes and story.
Jayne, 08 Feb 2024
Everything was perfect from singing, acting, staging, costumes. Large queue to get in which was a bit chaotic.
Margaret, 08 Feb 2024
Enjoyable entertainment
Don’t miss, nice flowing storylines good all round entertainment
Andrew, 08 Feb 2024
Such a lovely show
The staging was absolutely amazing - so very clever! The show was funny, the actors were brilliant, and the singing was phenomenal. I highly recommend this show!
Emma, 07 Feb 2024
Wonderful show
A wonderful afternoon show. A non stop show full of dancing and music. The costumes were fantastic the young children were so cute. The teenagers dance routines were mesmerising. A wonderful show.
Tina, 07 Feb 2024
Outstanding performance by all excellent show
Fabulous costumes great scenery excellent singing enjoyed every minute outstanding show. Had a brilliant view from my seat in the stalls
Pearl, 05 Feb 2024
Fabulous Show
Excellent show well worth the trip from the Midlands
David, 04 Feb 2024
Fabulous show!
We were lucky enough to have front row seats bought at a bargain price. Great show and music and dancing was wonderful. The conductor of orchestra was a joy to watch!
Susan, 04 Feb 2024
The King & I
I loved this from beginning to end. It was my favourite film as a child and I loved it even more on stage. The cast were ALL amazing, the orchestra played beautifully. Basically it had it all. And I’m going to go again!
Annie, 04 Feb 2024
Needs more colour and pizzazz
Not much money spent on the scenery. Story needs updating.
Anthony, 03 Feb 2024
Thoroughly enjoyable
This show was a renewed version of an old movie / it didn’t put any quirky twists and stayed true to the original . Singing and lyrics were really good and it was a pleasure to watch. A thoroughly delightful show. I think it would be a good show for whole family which is rare .
Brenda, 01 Feb 2024
Birthday present
We had an amazing night watching The King and I made all the better for seeing so many celebrities there on the red-carpet and inside just a couple of rows away
Helen, 01 Feb 2024
Great show
Brilliant experience from queuing to get in, to getting out in a timely fashion at the end.
Rachel, 01 Feb 2024
What an absolutely amazing show it is a must watch
Louise, 31 Jan 2024
Must see
King and I was outstanding. cast was brilliant marvellous musical!!!
Alan, 27 Jan 2024
King and I
The King and I was superb, all those starring in it were excellent………a must see before it finishes.Helen George and Darren Lee are just perfect in the role with their own sparkle shining through.
Jane, 27 Jan 2024
Wonderful production
Definitely a must see. Beautiful singing and acting, left me very moved at the end. Liked it so much I want to see it again, in fact I would have sat through a second performance yesterday
Lisa, 26 Jan 2024
Amazing show! Beautiful costumes & decorations!
Thanks to beautiful musicals like this one, there is a hope that London theatres still can co-op and produce amazing costumes and decorations(in comparison with Royal Opera House, whose attempts to make decent/ relevant costumes fir different operas "died" some time ago, and eben famous singers/voices can't compensate this failure!)
Liza, 26 Jan 2024
Wonderful show
The King and I show was excellent, I especially enjoyed the music and singing which was terrific. It had colour, romance, humour and poignancy. Although Anna had a beautiful voice, not sure if she was Helen George, but there was no information before the show to say it wasn't her. However it does not detract from the show.
Lesley, 26 Jan 2024
Proficient - but underwhelming
If you like the film it is a close adaptation, the king gives a fine performance but is no yul Bryner. Ir is a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable performance by all, but lacks anything that makes it a wow or must see show.
J, 26 Jan 2024
Classis let down by some poor acting and very uncomfortable seats.
The show itself was okay but the acting of the lead male left a lot to be desired. I think it was Helen George's cover but it was hard to tell from a distance; having said that I go to see a show and not a specific actor.
Yvette, 26 Jan 2024
Fab show, fab story, fab songs
I saw this last year in Birmingham and wanted to see it in London but never thought I would be able to afford it. These seats were an unbelievable bargain and perfectly situated. This show brings back many happy memories of watching Yul Bruner & Deborah Kerr with my mum. I wish she was alive to be taken to watch this show.
Allison, 25 Jan 2024
Very interesting and different from others I've seen.
Shirley Grant, 25 Jan 2024
Wonderful show
Everything about the King and I was wonderful
Diane, 25 Jan 2024
A colourful trip of bygone days
The show and cast were outstanding
lesley, 25 Jan 2024
Poignant and fun
abeuatiful, poingnant, potrayal of a world which has si,ilar tensions today. Colourful with humour and emotions. Evokes memories of film and theatre of younger years.
jane, 25 Jan 2024
Colourful, creative and must see
First ever show in London and well worth both day and evening show. Sense of humour was great, storyline epic, acting phenomenal.
Max, 24 Jan 2024
Magical show
Well worth going to see the show.Singing and acting was impeccable.We would happily see it again.
Jane, 24 Jan 2024
Wonderfully entertaining
Lovely theatre Fantastic cast , especially Helen George and the children. Staging very good Seats comfortable Theatre staff very accommodating
Beverley, 24 Jan 2024
Great memories
I always loved this story and I am glad to see it brought back to life.
Audrey, 21 Jan 2024
Excellent show and great leading lady.
Catherine, 21 Jan 2024
Too long, became boring in parts
Maria, 21 Jan 2024
A Classic that should be seen by all!
It was refreshing to see a classic musical that remained true to the original. This production is beautifully directed and the whole cast was very strong. The orchestra was superb as well. I loved it! The audience was well behaved too, thankfully there was no audience singing along with the show!
Melinda, 21 Jan 2024
Superb...brought back childhood memories!
Outstanding performance! We absolutely loved it. Huge credit to all the cast . Helen George was fantastic as was Darren Lee.
ALISON, 20 Jan 2024
Fantastic show with Helen George fantastic as the leading lady!!
Great show with a superb team of actors. Great value for a 3 hour show!
Lian, 20 Jan 2024
Must see
Brilliant performance by everyone.
Victoria, 20 Jan 2024