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Grease - Grease is the word

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Friday, 2 June 2023

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Saturday, 28 October 2023

Running time
2 hours 30 minutes including an interval

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When Sandy met Danny on holiday, sparks flew. When Sandy turned up at Danny's school the next term, she's thrilled to see him but he's less delighted to see her. Danny is one of the coolest boys in school, but Sandy isn't cool at all. She's a good girl and she looks it. Can she win his affection again and set their summer of loving back on track? This is Grease, one of the best teen stories ever. The show is directed by Curve's Artistic Director Nikolai Foster, and Peter Andre appears in some performances as Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine. The brilliant Arlene Phillips is responsible for the choreography.

If you want to re-kindle your love affair with the Burger Palace Boys and the Pink Ladies, sing along to a suite of legendary show tunes and sample a four star production loved by the critics, this is your chance. Come along to London's Dominion Theatre for a show that'll have you dancing in your seat from start to finish. This is what we call a triumphant return, and we're fully expecting tickets to sell like hot cakes so get yours while you can.

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Young Couples:

full of energy
truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the energy of the actors
Danica, 01 Oct 2023
Average show
The show it’s a bit different from the movie. The first scene is actually quite long and I didn’t like that they were overdoing the American accent the voices quid high pitched and sometimes was hard to understand. The second scene was much better more enjoyable and they turn down the accent as well. Overall is it’s an okay show.
Noemi, 30 Sep 2023
I can’t believe there isn’t more reviews on this show as it is phenomenal. Beautifully choreographed and absolutely iconic
Emily, 30 Sep 2023
A classic show everyone must see!
The show was excellent. Costumes, actors, actresses, music… It was lovely. Having Jason Donovan as a guest star was a bonus. Don’t miss this all time classic!
Ayse, 28 Sep 2023
grease is the word
loved it!
dee, 28 Sep 2023
Solid Performance
Wonderful show bring your own lumbar support pillow
WILLIAM, 27 Sep 2023
Brilliant adaptation of the movie
Just go and see it. Simple as that really. Excellent
Dale, 26 Sep 2023
Don't only go for the celebrity
Great seats (Circle B47 & 48) with a great view! Spectacular singing, dancing and music with superb performances from the great young cast. Jason Donovan had a small part and wasn't as good as the rest of the cast but (sadly) got more applause. I was excited to see Jason but in the end, enjoyed the whole show whether he'd been in it or not! Please note, there are adult themes and language throughout and probably not suitable for children. Some of the touching of cast members body parts felt wrong in this day and age and probably isn't needed at all. I would suggest less of the adult language would make this show more appropriate for a wider audience.
Kathryn, 25 Sep 2023
Up lifting feel good entertainment
Fantastic show brilliant performances from all the cast !! I’m 75 my sister 59 and granddaughters 17 years 13years and we all thoroughly enjoyed it 👍👏
maureen, 23 Sep 2023
So so
Booked this event as it advertised Jason Donavon or Peter Andre and when we arrived the posters and large tv screen showed this also but none of them were there so the price we paid wasn’t worth it. I would say the price we paid for it would have been worth is half that price.
Lynne, 23 Sep 2023
A great musical experience
Acting and singing fabulous. Great dancing and routines. Overall, a great experience.
Tracy, 23 Sep 2023
Fantastic PICK ME UP
We had a fantastic time. The actor's WERE BRILLIANT DANCING FAB LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF it was the best pick me up you could get. Everyone came out of the theatre smiling.
PATRICIA, 22 Sep 2023
Brilliant show!
We thoroughly enjoyed the show with all the great songs from the film and a few more. Wonderful singing. Staging cleverly done.
Jane, 21 Sep 2023
Enjoyed from start to finish
It was a great show singing was excellent. Real surprise to see Peter Andre and Jason Donavan really made the show.
Christine, 21 Sep 2023
Nothing special
Grease was a pretty good movie abd this is a poor copy eith weak casting and mediocre acting abd dance. It was fun but nothing special and a rewatch of the movie would have passed an evening just as well.
Leigh, 18 Sep 2023
Brilliant Show
Brilliant show, actors and singing was fabulous, the lady who played Rizo was excellent such a talent
Allison, 18 Sep 2023
Amazing - full of energy
Great show, brilliant performance from great actors who were amazing. Music was brilliant and the whole thing was full of energy, I had a brilliant afternoon.
Linda, 16 Sep 2023
A Must See Musical
Amazing performers,great songs,guest appearances from Jason Donovan and Peter Andre. Ice creams pre ordered and brought to our seats in the interval.
Sarah, 14 Sep 2023
Very good , very polished . Great singing and dancing
Anna, 13 Sep 2023
A must see
Took my niece and she loved it
janice, 10 Sep 2023
OMG what a active, enjoyable show, would recommend 100%
As a birthday surprise, the show was amazing, enjoyably, experience,even had us dancing the end,
Jean, 10 Sep 2023
Brilliant show
On the balcony if short don't sit at the front as can't see over barrier.. but the show is brilliant great for anyone..
Bev, 10 Sep 2023
Absolutely loved it & also the theatre
Claire, 09 Sep 2023
An unforgettable 50's night
It's my first musical in London, I'm from Italy, and I'm enthusiastic. The Acting, The Music and The costumes are simply perfect, Rizzo my favourite!
Cristina, 08 Sep 2023
Brilliant Show
Brilliant show from start to finish. Beautiful theatre and great staff. We had a ball
Janice, 07 Sep 2023
Revisited my college days to foot tapping music and a fantastic dancing & singing performance by a high energy cast .
Rajnish, 05 Sep 2023
Above my expectations!!!!! Definitely worth a visit !!!
Faye, 02 Sep 2023
Fantastic Grease!
Was a brilliant show great for all the family young and old!
Denise, 01 Sep 2023
Excellent show
What a great vibrant , energetic and wonderful show!!
Mark, 31 Aug 2023
Burnt up quarter mile!
Amazing, worth the trip to London from Cheltenham. Fantastic singing and choreography
Justine, 31 Aug 2023
Fun, uplifting show
Loved Grease- great dancers and singers- Peter Andre was so funny- I want to go again ❤️
Jane, 31 Aug 2023
Fantastic night !
Sons first visit to London , took him to see Grease and he loved it. Great night for us all !
Catherine, 30 Aug 2023
Thrilling and full of energy
Well-known songs very well interpreted. Precise, thrilling choreographies. Super motivated and talented performers. Not a copy of the film, but independent and top. Recommended for all fans of the Fifties
Urs, 29 Aug 2023
A must see
Took my daughter and we both had such an awesome time, amazing show, well done 👏 to all the fantastic cast 🤩
Asha, 29 Aug 2023
Great show apart from audience
The show what can we say apart from fantastic, from the costumes and scenery to the fantastic acting. If you liked the movie you will love this. Unfortunately during the interval there was a disturbance which resulted in a group being asked to leave, unfortunately the police had to be call as the staff where unable to deal with this All in all amazing show
Jessica, 27 Aug 2023
Pure fun
I loved everything about it
Susan, 27 Aug 2023
Good strong musical. I was waiting for the car renovation & race....
Subrata, 26 Aug 2023
A fun show!
We loved the show, knew lots of the songs, the character Danny wasn't always obvious and we thought Sandy should have been blonde. Never the less we loved the show, the theatre and the music.
Julia, 25 Aug 2023
Grease is a brilliant feel good show. Remember it from my childhood.
Julie, 24 Aug 2023
A must watch 😊😊
Shelley, 23 Aug 2023
Grease is the Feeling!
Great Show and really good Entertainment. We had a lot of fun while watching!
Jan, 22 Aug 2023
Well worth travelling from Wales to attend this
Incredible brilliant vibe really enjoyed
Beverley, 21 Aug 2023
An enjoyable show
Music too loud, disappointing we had understudy perform a matinee
Marlene, 19 Aug 2023
Grease is the word!
Fun adaptation with lots of familiar songs and ends with a fab medley
EMMA, 19 Aug 2023
Great show
Loved the show but sandy should of had blonde hair
Rachel, 19 Aug 2023
Loved Grease.
Went with my granddaughter.nostalgia for me and she loved it too
Joan, 17 Aug 2023
A good night out!
Me and daughter (15) and her friend really enjoyed the show and we loved our seats.
Lucy, 17 Aug 2023
Not to be missed
Amazing. Each and every actor was splendid. The vocals were excellent. Scenes cleverly altered from the original which worked really well on stage. It flowed so well. Encore was fab. I'd go again.
Tracey, 17 Aug 2023
They work well together as a team
Liked it because we liked the original, loved the dance moves wish we could have heard other singers more as they was talented
Amanda, 16 Aug 2023
Great show but not as good as others I have seen
Compared to other shows we have seen the acting wasn’t as good. The music was great and the seats were amazing. The facilities inside this theatre are a lot better then others I have bene to and we didn’t have to que for drinks or the toilet
Demi, 15 Aug 2023
One of the best nights out I’ve ever had!
I’ve watched Grease regularly since I was young, knowing the songs and story by heart. I was really happy to find how true the show stayed to the film! There were some adjustments, some songs added or expanded, but in general, if you loved the movie, you will absolutely love this show! They end with a mix of the songs that you can sing along to and record, and you’ll be dancing and singing your way back home! Absolutely recommended for a great night out! My only regret is that I can’t just turn around and go straight back in for a second viewing. Wonderfully done, thank you all for a wonderful time that I won’t soon forget!!
Stefanie, 14 Aug 2023
Actors and singing mostly good, did not like the storyline
I liked the male actors better than the female actors. They were much better also at singing. You get the feeling that the female actors were not properly casted. For me, Sandy has to be blonde and more of a curvy body. The Frenchy character with her haircut did not at all fit the time period and Rizzo was just too old for her role to be believable. Also, I just didn’t like her voice. It was too piercing.
Pia, 13 Aug 2023
Fun Night Out!
Fabulous feel good vibe - dancing excellent, singing and acting also excellent.
angela, 13 Aug 2023
Grease is the word
Had an amazing time, one of the best shows I seen in London.
Bruce, 12 Aug 2023
Definitely a must see
Liked it because the music and the acting and dancing was on point very good.As a musical fan myself, I would rate this musical 5 stars for definit.
Stephen, 12 Aug 2023
Must see excellent
Show was excellent took me back to my childhood days,dancing and sing what a Show would highly recommend 10 out of 10 superb night thankyou
David, 12 Aug 2023
Great night out, storyline not exactly the same as film but easy enough to follow. Well worth a visit.
Kathleen, 11 Aug 2023
Family with 2 teenagers
The sound is too loud and some vocal notes sound too high
António Alberto, 11 Aug 2023
Amazing, loved every second of it
We came from Yorkshire to see this and we loveeeeeeee it!…. Defo recommend it
Lucy, 10 Aug 2023
You’ve got to go
Anthony, 10 Aug 2023
Show was enjoyable. Particular thanks to the staff who were very kind and attentive when I was unwell with asthma. One criticism is that flashing and strobe lighting are not advertised prior to booking. This was sent after booking, when I was unable to cancel. The staff said this had been pointed out to them several times by other people but they could not do anything about it. I disagree and this type of information should be clear prior to booking.
Carolyn, 10 Aug 2023
Excellent experience
The show was excellent, a really good performance and the voice were family and I enjoyed everything about the show.
Alain, 08 Aug 2023
Full of energy
From start to finish this show never fail to deliver, the dancing and singing was uplifting and we left on a cloud singing and dancing to our hotel. Definitely going to see this again.
Sandra, 08 Aug 2023
Best musical ever
I had so much fun! Will definitely go if they come back to New York but this time illl take all the girls to it.
Norma, 08 Aug 2023
Was different
Was ok but I was a bit disappointed at the story.Didn’t like the songs that were added and didn’t know.
Paul, 08 Aug 2023
Great but not Grease!
I read a lot of bad reviews about this musical (after buying the tickets!) which in my opinion are undeserved. I think the problem is that people are going expecting to see the original Grease story which it is not. If it was made clear that this is a continuation from the original story, I'm sure there would be a lot less disappointed people! The story was fine (once you understand that it's not the original) and the old songs are great!
Mariusz, 07 Aug 2023
Delightful cast
Expensive seats in Front Stalls were dreadful and neither of us had a clear view of stage. Seats were not "staggered" and this caused the problem.
Mike, 06 Aug 2023
Great show, check to see who’s performing
Fabulous show, really enjoyed the performance and the venue. I hadn’t done my homework, however the big named stars weren’t performing on the night we were there. It didn’t lesson our enjoyment as the whole cast put on a good show.
Trevor, 06 Aug 2023
Summer Nights
What a show!! We loved absolutely everything from start to finish 😘 the acting and story line was spot on as well, would definitely go again
Joanne, 06 Aug 2023
A Musical Classic
Great show music was fantastic all songs were timeless and actors performed them spot vs on with great enthusiasmShow was just what I expected only better.
Gary, 05 Aug 2023
The show lacked energy, the main characters were off-key and the storyline was disjointed and really didn't make much sense. Most people attending would have been expecting Grease (the movie) on stage. It missed the mark.
Jason, 05 Aug 2023
Excellent show
Music slightly too loud.
MARIE-NOELLE, 05 Aug 2023
A little loud for kids. Mayby a headphone can be usefull
Ulrike, 04 Aug 2023
Aussies in London
We got fairly last minute tickets and were still able to get excellent seats (second row from stage). Love the London Theatre and Grease did not disappoint. Great acting/singing/dancing. Some of the younger kids in the audience didn't appear too enthralled but the older kids enjoyed it as did the adults. Great old theatre and lovely, pleasant and helpful staff.
Heidi, 03 Aug 2023
Grease the musical
Great show for anyone from 12 and over, playing some great songs nicely choreographed with well acted scenes, you will be tapping your feet to all of the old favourites from the film, well worth the money.
Andy, 03 Aug 2023
Great stage set which for me really set the scene and got me into the spirit of the show. I sat back and let myself feel part of it all, great songs and a brilliant cast Not sure why a few people left at the finale - maybe due to transport? We got the next train which meant a longer journey plus s replacement bus!
Rose, 03 Aug 2023
Fantastic show, must see
What an amazing show from start to finish slightly different from the film but very well done, great hearing all the songs from the show.
Debra, 02 Aug 2023
So very amazing to watch!!
I loved the show so much because everything was in great sync and the songs were so good to sing with and to listen to in general!!
Svea, 02 Aug 2023
Excellent show, great fun
A fantastic performance, such energy and talent, loved it , thank you all concerned.
Jane, 01 Aug 2023
Okay but didn’t blow me away!
Show was generally okay but nothing more, acting was weak at times and the main characters did not stand out in anyway. Some good solos and great dancing but I unfortunately expected more
Dawn, 01 Aug 2023
Amazing talent - strict staff! I felt like I had watch dogs, watching over me the entire show. 2 girls were hectictly running up and down and the stairs chasing people that were looking - or could be looking at their smartphone screens. Other than that, what a brilliant display of talent.
Anastasios, 28 Jul 2023
Fabulous show and staff at venue equally as good highly recommend
Paula, 26 Jul 2023
Really good, must see
Fantastic show, we took my daughter as she is going to be in her school production of Grease, only thing that spoilt it was the people sitting behind us that wouldn't shut up talking!! Some people are so ignorant!
Clare, 22 Jul 2023
Great Show
Went to see Grease with some girlfriends. Had an absolutely fantastic time. The cast was great, especially the singing, we were dancing in our seats. Loved that we were given the opportunity to get up and dance at the end. Highly recommend.
Rebekah, 22 Jul 2023
A different spin on the original.
It was an enjoyable evening, I understand a new look maybe a way forward but there are some shows/films that don't need to be adapted. The new songs were good but obviously unheard before. The alternative ending to the original was ok-ish, not the best message to send out considering a change in script has been made regards to Danny not graduating with the track team. The most annoying change or what wasn't included was the transformation of the Car for the "Grease Lightening" number. That to me was the biggest disappointment.
Gareth, 20 Jul 2023
An amazing outstanding love story.
Highly recommended for anyone into musical.
Rajman, 20 Jul 2023
A trip down memory lane
An absolutely fantastic show, enjoyed by a group of varied ages. Even though we were seated near the back, you can still see the stage perfectly. Will definitely recommend to friends.
Tanya, 20 Jul 2023
Loved it!
Won't disappoint. Relive the film... All the favourite songs plus some new ones. Great singalong at the end!
Rosalyn, 19 Jul 2023
5star service at the Dominion
I booked 3 tickets for my family to come to watch Greece. We have been so excited for few weeks couldn't wait for the day. We lived the ambience and the show cast were absolutely brilliant.
Boris, 19 Jul 2023
I brought my American friends with 2 teenagers. Their first ever West End show and they absolutely loved it.
Allegra, 19 Jul 2023
Fantastic production of Grease
I absolutely loved this. The actors were all amazing and all tge classic songs were featured. I would be mindful though that this is based on the film and does not follow it exactly if anyone is expecting it to completely.
Jamie-Lee, 17 Jul 2023
nice to see
everything was great, professional
Verna, 16 Jul 2023
Grease lovers ♥️
Excellent adaptation of the film
Georgia, 15 Jul 2023
Music too loud
A lot of the time the singers were having to force their voices to be heard above the music making it very difficult to hear the words / follow the story. Hence the 2 poor ratings above
Peter, 15 Jul 2023
Great show, high energy, great singers, and the band was SMASHING!
Thomas, 14 Jul 2023
Seats make a difference. Closer is better.
If you enjoy broadway shows the audio is better on ground level. Pay more for a better experience. Leads were great singers but acoustics not as good in balcony.
nancy, 14 Jul 2023
The singing was amazing. The dancing was also amazing. Everything was amazing!
Bayleigh, 13 Jul 2023
Great show!
Great feel good show, good seats. Loved it! Took my 13 years old granddaughter for her birthday treat
Janice, 13 Jul 2023
Acting was very average but the music was fantastic
Go for the music not the acting
Mrinal, 13 Jul 2023
Excellent show very poor service from the staff no help for elderly people all staff wstanding around talking would not recommend this theatre
Sidney, 13 Jul 2023