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Grease - Grease is the word

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Tuesday, 3 May 2022

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Saturday, 29 October 2022

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When Sandy met Danny on holiday, sparks flew. When Sandy turned up at Danny's school the next term, she's thrilled to see him but he's less delighted to see her. Danny is one of the coolest boys in school, but Sandy isn't cool at all. She's a good girl and she looks it. Can she win his affection again and set their summer of loving back on track? This is Grease, one of the best teen stories ever. The show is directed by Curve's Artistic Director Nikolai Foster, and Peter Andre appears in some performances as Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine. The brilliant Arlene Phillips is responsible for the choreography.

If you want to re-kindle your love affair with the Burger Palace Boys and the Pink Ladies, sing along to a suite of legendary show tunes and sample a four star production loved by the critics, this is your chance. Come along to London's Dominion Theatre for a show that'll have you dancing in your seat from start to finish. This is what we call a triumphant return, and we're fully expecting tickets to sell like hot cakes so get yours while you can.

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Young Couples:

Dance and music were amazing
Yvonne, 09 Aug 2022
No T Birds?
No T Birds but Burger Palace Boys????
Suzanne, 06 Aug 2022
Amazing show
We searched for a London show to take our grandaughters aged 9 &11 years. We all loved it and they said it was the highlight of our two day trip. Pleasantly to see Peter Andre. Highly recommended.
Carol, 06 Aug 2022
Great fun
Tony, 06 Aug 2022
It is a fantastic show for all ages a must see for a fabulous night out
Deb, 06 Aug 2022
Fantastic show
Fantastic energetic show with a great cast. Peter Andre was amazing and bought humour to the performance. The second half was even better than the first.
Beverly, 06 Aug 2022
Best musical ever!!!
The show was amazing, well done to everyone involved it was fabulous, loved every minute of it x
Madeleine, 05 Aug 2022
Hannah, 04 Aug 2022
Peter Andre was a bit of a let down. Music good casting of leads may have been a bit better.
Graham, 04 Aug 2022
Fab show
Brilliant show but wear a cardy it was really cold in the theatre
Kim, 04 Aug 2022
Amazing show!
Fantastic performers and just such a wonderful show! We were sat on row N which had a great view. The staff were really friendly and there were programmes available to buy to remember the performance. Would say it's probably not a show for small kids though with the type of humour. Great for teens/adults! 10/10!
Lillian, 03 Aug 2022
Best ever!
Birgitta, 01 Aug 2022
Such a lovely majestic theatre. Wonderful acting, singing and dancing. Theatre staff extremely friendly and helpful. Exciting and memorable evening.
Stephanie, 01 Aug 2022
The musical was so fun! Recommend for couples, families.. anyone!
Kayleigh, 30 Jul 2022
New version
Very enjoyable evening. Seen the show before but this included new songs. Bit disappointed with the transition of Grease Lightning and the absence of the race but overall a super evening.
Peter, 30 Jul 2022
Slightly disappointing
Can't put my finger on it but felt something was lacking. Peter Andre was fab though!
Claire, 30 Jul 2022
Lindsey, 30 Jul 2022
Fantastic true to the story line
Sharon, 28 Jul 2022
Took our teenage son but unless you’ve seen the film the story line isn’t easy to get. Hard to pick out all the words on the songs and not easy to hear the other talk parts either. Would not recommend it.
Marion, 26 Jul 2022
it was ok, not brillant, could do better
annette, 24 Jul 2022
A must see
Isra, 22 Jul 2022
Sadly was so excited but fell short in many ways :-(
I am an avid Grease fan having watched the movie a million times since a very young girl. You don't need to reinvent perfection. Felt like it was trying to be more 'modern' and appeal to a younger audience, with songs that don't exist in the original. Also the acting was not great, they didn't grab your attention. I left before halftime :-(
Victoria, 20 Jul 2022
Hard to recognise the characters
As a big fan of grease the move i was upset that the actors did not look more like the original cast and found it hard to know who was who
karen, 20 Jul 2022
The show doesn't follow the movie - rather the play, it's worth knowing this before going as there are a few additional songs and it doesn't follow the order of the movie. The actors all did great, had fantastic voices and the dancing was fab. Peter Andre did very well and raised the energy. When he wasn't on stage... things felt a bit flat which was a shame. Not my most favourite show but still worth going if you are fan and fancy a sing song at the end.
Kerry, 18 Jul 2022
full of youth
Hiroko, 18 Jul 2022
Good show
Good show but the American accents they did made it quite hard to understand at times..
Donna, 18 Jul 2022
Brilliant show!!
Exhilarating show! Loads of energy and loved every minute!!
Andrew, 16 Jul 2022
Lightweight and entertaining
A good show. It has some minor differences from the Grease film, but I found that a good thing. In some of the singing it was hard to hear the lyrics against the music but otherwise very enjoyable sound. The weakest performances came from the pink ladies, not very well cast at all! Worth seeing
john, 16 Jul 2022
good music, good actors
Michael, 14 Jul 2022
better than the movie!
For our citytrip we wanted to enjoy a musical, we chose one that was comprehensable for our daughter since English isn't her mother language. We weren't so fond of the movie but we liked the musical.
Kris, 14 Jul 2022
Just wanted to jump out of my seat and dance!
Ines, 14 Jul 2022
Love it❤️❤️❤️ Goooooood acting!!! Amazing✨👌🏾
Oliver, 12 Jul 2022
Grease is the word..
London was the last stop on our families 2 weeks in the UK. What a great way to finish our holiday seeing and experiencing this amazing play.. Every cast member was perfect, their voices and dancing amazing. Thank you for the memories!
Judy, 10 Jul 2022
Sharon, 10 Jul 2022
james, 09 Jul 2022
tabs review
Sean, 09 Jul 2022
If you like the movie it's an absolute must see! Such good actors, dancers, singers! One minus though: I would give Sandy a blond wig as she didn't resemble the character at all and I found it disappointing.
Anna, 09 Jul 2022
Colourful and bouncy
Very bright and colourful We enjoyed dancing and singing along
Gemma, 09 Jul 2022
Brilliant Show
Brilliant, brilliant, Brilliant 😊
Andrew, 09 Jul 2022
Stacey, 08 Jul 2022
Such good fun, enjoyable
Dinah, 07 Jul 2022
Giorgio, 06 Jul 2022
Maybe I Didn’t Get it
I expected more. I left feeling somehow disappointed. I don’t know. Perhaps I missed something out.
Jovana, 06 Jul 2022
Very good
Ellias, 06 Jul 2022
True Americana.
Overall 2+hours of sheer entertainment. Dancing and music left a real happy feeling from start to finish.
Russ, 05 Jul 2022
Fabulous show
Great show fantastic seat for only £30. Good atmosphere short seating rows so easy to get in and out and good leg space.
Susan, 04 Jul 2022
Very good
Was a really good show, only thing we didn’t like was the fact they changed the name of the T Birds to the Burger palace boys for some reason. Didn’t really make any sense and don’t understand why they would change one of the most iconic parts of the film Grease. Also there were some random songs added that weren’t in the movie and I hadn’t heard before.
Lauren, 02 Jul 2022
Lively entertainment
Lively performance even though we arrived at theatre dripping wet under a sudden downpour. Not sure if this affected the actual theatre which we thought was pretty cold. We seemed to be sitting in a draught and heard other audience members say the same on departure. But thank you cast for a great show
Mandy, 02 Jul 2022
Great show especially for £30 we paid. Good view too
Liz, 02 Jul 2022
It gave me thrills. Amazing show
Charlene, 30 Jun 2022
Great production, and good rework of the story.
Nik, 29 Jun 2022
Excellent, best show !!
Jodie, 28 Jun 2022
Haim, 28 Jun 2022
Good fun
Deborah, 27 Jun 2022
I was sitting there with a smile om my face the hole time. It is a feel good musical!
Eline, 25 Jun 2022
Great songs
Colin, 25 Jun 2022
Fab show overall , my daughters who is 18 and 21 loved it too
Ayperi, 24 Jun 2022
Colin, 22 Jun 2022
RACHIDA, 22 Jun 2022
Geese is always the word
Liked the focusing on a relationship between Patty Symcox that and Danny Zuko as a new take on something only vaguely referenced in the 1978 film!
JACK, 20 Jun 2022
Just the right mix of nostalgia and fun
Great show, super fun. I loved the sing along at the end. This was a great mix of nostalgia and fun, I recommend it to anyone.
Charlene, 19 Jun 2022
Definitely a must ser
Tracy, 19 Jun 2022
Superb had a great time
Neeti, 19 Jun 2022
Maria Cristina, 18 Jun 2022
Amazing show
Chantelle, 18 Jun 2022
Fun show
A high energy, young cast give it their all from the start. Uplifting performance. Peter Andre is great in his role of Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel, he seemed to really enjoy himself. Loved the dancing at the end.
Lesley, 17 Jun 2022
Cast was brilliant especially for the group numbers and orchestra matched them
Graham, 17 Jun 2022
Colourful and loud!
Very slick and energetic with a happy ending for those who need that. The show is very loud and the shrieky accents are painful to hear.
Liz, 17 Jun 2022
Absolutely loved the show, all the cast were great singers and dancers. Peter Andre was a bonus too.
Laura, 16 Jun 2022
Good music Well sang and acted
Loraine, 16 Jun 2022
A cool show
As much as the show was pretty cool to watch.... the temperature in the theatre was lovely and cool on a really hot day...made it a pleasure
paul, 16 Jun 2022
a real tonic
brilliant dancing, great singing, huge feel-good factor ... a real tonic
Cathy, 16 Jun 2022
Creative and very exciting
Josimara, 15 Jun 2022
A great show
Josephine, 15 Jun 2022
Feel good musical
The theater is beautiful and the show was amazing! The dancing, singing and acting were all very good. We definitely want to see this show again!
Evelien, 14 Jun 2022
An amazing show
I strongly recommend it for everyone. 💖💖💖👍👍👍
Wahiba, 13 Jun 2022
Excellent show
Excellent show,fantastic dancing and singing. Would definitely reccomend.
Nicola, 11 Jun 2022
Excellent show
We had fab seats - d26&27 Circle. Amazing show, fantastic performance from all. I think the only slight disappointment was the big scene everyone waits for "I got chills they're multiplying" song... It was based in a burger restaurant and there was no chemistry between Danny or Sandy, with quite stiff movement particularly from Sandy. That could have been done a lot better as everything else before and after was fantastic. Loved the stand up bit at the end for everyone to sing along. Would go again!
Chloe, 11 Jun 2022
Fun creative and dazlin
Karan, 11 Jun 2022
Beautiful theatre, plenty of leg room, clean facilities, show was superb, plenty of great songs, acting & dancing, great opportunity for a sing along at the end! Leaves you feeling good & happy, a thoroughly great night out, would recommend. *****
Susan, 10 Jun 2022
Fantastic show
We have loved the show from beginning to end. The leading lady and gentleman were absolutely amazing. The whole cast were energetic and having fun throughout. Thank you for a great show xxx
Helen Marie, 10 Jun 2022
Loved it!
Liz, 10 Jun 2022
Absolutely amazing !
Great show with great actors. They all have a beautiful voice and dance very well. Little crush on Kenickie !
Marion, 07 Jun 2022
Vintage remember
It was zu loud vor me
Regine, 06 Jun 2022
Amazing show 👏🏻
Anna, 06 Jun 2022
Loved the music disappointed with the lack of familiarity to the original.
I thought the actors were all great but I was disappointed that they didn’t try to resemble the original actors from the movie. I think this adds to the enjoyment. I mean frenchie was in a pink wig so why was sandy not in a blonde one? A number of the characters were also nothing like the original.
Linzi, 05 Jun 2022
Happy moment
Very nice moment. Nice dances and costumes. However, the main actress might be more dynamic on the "You're the one that I want" dance, as the character become rocker.
Gatien, 05 Jun 2022
Fantastic Show
Fantastic show with great singers and actors. Great experience. The story was changed from the real story with the two groups which was a bit disappointing. Missed the connection between the two main characters.
Dorte, 04 Jun 2022
Very loosely based on Grease
Excellent singing and acting but way too far removed from the original story. Four or five new songs that were poor and completely unnecessary. Poor writing of the changed parts. Very frustrating but the original songs were done well. Why change a masterpiece? It’s like comparing the Mona Lisa to a stick figure drawing.
Dean, 04 Jun 2022
I wasn’t impressed with this show at all. Grease is mainly about sandy and Danny and I didn’t feel like this was the case with the show! Sandy was in it very little. I also felt the actors didn’t play their parts very well. I just didn’t get it! There was also a very big commotion whilst we were there which hugely disrupted the show. Instead of security escorting the culprits out of the theatre they allowed them to argue about and dispute their indiffence in front of everyone who was watching the show! Disgraceful when you pay £65 a ticket! Terrible!!!!
Kelly, 04 Jun 2022
I loved it and would recommend to all Grease fans.
Cecilia, 03 Jun 2022
Colourful spectacle that brings back memories!
I particularly liked the dancing in the show. Happy to see that a lot of actors are trained and skilled dancers. A nice adding to the show was Peter Andre's performance. He was quite entertaining! The high pitched voices of the lady actors were a bit annoying at times. Maybe they were instructed to act like that, but that could have been omitted, in my opinion. Overall, the show was entertaining, but can't replace the wonderful memories I have of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and their dancing / acting in the film.
Ann, 03 Jun 2022
Great show
CHRISTINE, 03 Jun 2022
Farah, 02 Jun 2022
Fantastic, engaging and entertaining. We loved it !
Jennifer, 02 Jun 2022
Colourful and funny
Really good show and funny. The voices are great. We had a great moment.
Nathalie, 01 Jun 2022
I love Grease...
It was not exactly the story line we know and love but it was OK. The songs were there so it's all good. Show was very slow in some places when there was a lot of talking...! "Sandy" was almost inexistant in the story line if not for the solo songs. So show well done, incredible singing voices but not quite as satisfactory as I would expect...
Evangelia, 30 May 2022
Grease Lightning
Sandy was brunette in this show - she should be blonde ! No PINK ladies and noT BIRDs. Should either be authentic or completely contemporary - not half way. Grease is superworth seeing - but room to improve with a few simple tweaks. Sandy’s vocals were outstanding. I’d like to confirm Peter Andre still got it by the Jerrycan !
Paul, 29 May 2022
Great fun and well executed
Really enjoyed the performance. I have not seen a stage production of Grease before and was pleasantly surprised by how the story was conveyed on stage, but don’t expect a copy of the film. Loved Peter Andre in Beauty School Drop Out.
Sharon, 29 May 2022
Grease! Paint-Your Corvette…..Revival!
An energetic, vibrant and punchy take on the classic musical. The show’s tempo, characterisation and story development was boosted by the modern treatment of its young, fresh, talented, musical theatre graduates. Choreographed by Arlene Phillips with Peter Andre, (Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel), as the mainstay at the helm of an accomplished nine piece band. Overall, there were major sight line irregularities! The staging and character movement; created a complete dis-regard to its star promoter (Andre). If any one needed to be in the spotlight in this performance it was him! Hurry! Only in a 26 week run ! Accessible by tube ; Tottenham Court Road, adjacent to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.
Diane, 29 May 2022