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Grease - Grease is the word

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Friday, 2 June 2023

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Saturday, 28 October 2023

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2 hours 30 minutes including an interval

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When Sandy met Danny on holiday, sparks flew. When Sandy turned up at Danny's school the next term, she's thrilled to see him but he's less delighted to see her. Danny is one of the coolest boys in school, but Sandy isn't cool at all. She's a good girl and she looks it. Can she win his affection again and set their summer of loving back on track? This is Grease, one of the best teen stories ever. The show is directed by Curve's Artistic Director Nikolai Foster, and Peter Andre appears in some performances as Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine. The brilliant Arlene Phillips is responsible for the choreography.

If you want to re-kindle your love affair with the Burger Palace Boys and the Pink Ladies, sing along to a suite of legendary show tunes and sample a four star production loved by the critics, this is your chance. Come along to London's Dominion Theatre for a show that'll have you dancing in your seat from start to finish. This is what we call a triumphant return, and we're fully expecting tickets to sell like hot cakes so get yours while you can.

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Young Couples:

Good night out
Enjoyed the performance quite hard to understand what the actors are saying due to the heavy accents, expected better scenery but overall a good night
Sally, 03 Jun 2023
Fantastic show - really enjoyed
Jennifer, 02 Jun 2023
Everything about the show itself was just amazing and my daughter and our friends enjoyed it so much!
Joanne, 31 Oct 2022
Was a good show
I felt at times the singers was shouting when singing
Diane, 29 Oct 2022
good just to mark a V
good but have seen beter.
itshak, 27 Oct 2022
Great family entertainment
Great theatre and wonderful show
STEPHEN, 25 Oct 2022
Brilliant shame it has to end in the west end
Very good show. Voices were fantastic
Jennie, 23 Oct 2022
Absolutely amazing especially Marti and Rizo the vocals from all the cast was phenomenal
Great location, Production was choreographed to such high standards Storyline was great too I can’t think of anything negative to say Me and my daughter had a girls day out and the show topped it off Thank u everyone Great to see petre Andre too
Dawn, 22 Oct 2022
Please note you are not allowed to sing any of the songs until the end. Very disappointing.
Susan, 22 Oct 2022
Good show
Although the show was very good,the accents were very difficult to understand,and couldn't make out what they were say Some of the singing was poor and shouting Ending was disappointing But overall entertaining
Elizabeth, 22 Oct 2022
Very good bit of nostalgia.
Musicians need to get individual acknowledgement- they are as important as anyone on stage
Eva, 21 Oct 2022
Colourful catchy.
Fantastic show, with great music. Cast were good on all roles. Peter Andre was fantastic as was all the main cast.
Cherry, 20 Oct 2022
Whatsapp an energy,lovend it very mutch
See it toghter with your kids, the love en see wat you in your youth :)
Anneke, 19 Oct 2022
A great production of a Classic
Great show, great music, cast were brilliant
Louise, 17 Oct 2022
Great night out
The artists and their performance makes the evening!
Hans terje, 15 Oct 2022
Really good.
Really good show. Had a lovely evening. If I was to be critical I found some if the cast seemed to ‘shout’ their songs rather than sing them. But it did not ruin the show.
Deborah, 14 Oct 2022
Great show
Excellent emtertainment
Stanley, 13 Oct 2022
Thoroughly enjoyable
Diogo, 12 Oct 2022
Must see!
This was amazing
Petra, 09 Oct 2022
Great Show
Show was great. Peter Andre was brilliant and funny. Only downside is it’s advertised as Peter Andre and Jason Donovan. Jason only came on in the second half, sang one song and was off again.
Jason, 08 Oct 2022
Wonderful to remmber
If you wanna back in the time and enjoy just buy tickets for Grease
Ricardo, 08 Oct 2022
Great fun night
Would highly recommend to go see Grease before it closes in October. We had a fun night singing along to all the songs. Even got to see Jason Donavan who we forgot was in the show but sadly no Peter Andre the night we were there. We got some last minute seats for £15 each! They were towards the back of the stalls but good seats for the price.
Christine, 04 Oct 2022
Absolutely loved it! Really feel good show
Joanne, 01 Oct 2022
Amazing show went for my daughter 16th and she loved it
Rayner, 30 Sep 2022
Staffs are very helpful and attentive. The show was about to start when we arrived we were ushered to our seat promptly. The show was great.. and we love Peter Andrea and the rest of the actors and actresses.. it was a night to remember ❤️
Joan, 29 Sep 2022
Feel good theatre
The show was put together well with all the favourite Grease songs performed well. Peter Andre was excellent.
Sandra, 28 Sep 2022
Outstanding show!!
Terrific evening out watching Grease at the Dominion. Outstanding choreography and dance scenes, some amazing individual performances and a great show overall
Julian, 27 Sep 2022
Must see show!
Grease ticks all the boxes! Very talented cast & all round excellent show.
Tracey, 25 Sep 2022
Fabulous experience
Overall just amazing.
Brian, 25 Sep 2022
All was very well done, but felt not so good due to the casting of the actors even though the quality of their acting and sing was good..
Patricia, 23 Sep 2022
Joyous foot tapping
Great dancing. All singers had beautiful voices
Dianr, 23 Sep 2022
A musical of two halves
First half of the show was not the best, I didn’t think it flowed as well as it could have done. The accents were horrendous, I mean had the police turned up and arrested them it wouldn’t have been unjust. Some of the singing was more like shouting. It all felt a bit too overacting. Second half had a much better flow, accents and singing were much better. Good sing a long at the end.
Andrew, 21 Sep 2022
heerlijk ontspannende musical vol zang en dans
Een heerlijk avondje ontspannen met Grease een musical vol zang en dans. Aan het einde klapt en danst de hele zaal mee. Echt het geld waard.
Maria, 19 Sep 2022
Recent trip fir my wife to see Grease the musical
How disappointed! The ladies who played Sandy and Rizzo had amazing voices, the rest of the cast were average at best, some were really screechy and hard to understand the words they were singing. Staging was done on a budget, no white restored version of the grease lightning car, the songs were all in the wrong places, ending was poor. Did anyone involved in this ever actually watch the film???? We saw Mama Mia two days before, two ends of the spectrum, that show followed the original, and was brilliant. Grease was a total let down!!
Adrian, 17 Sep 2022
Great singing, dance and acting with humour and fun
Enjoy the show. Please avoid to let you waste on the floor.
Céline, 17 Sep 2022
Excellent night out!! Music was fab!!
Claire, 17 Sep 2022
I don’t like the first part , it was very poor in acting , in dancing , it boring. The second part is nicer , rich in dancing and in singing but still pièces not whole.
Azza, 16 Sep 2022
Good show
Good show but felt strange as the order was diff to the movie. Also strange to see sandie as a brunette!
Tracy, 15 Sep 2022
Grease with Peter Andre
Really good sets and great singing and dancing.
Natalie, 12 Sep 2022
Good adaptation of the film. Wonderful singing and dancing, love the energy and vibrancy of the performances and customs were great. Good acting, diverse cast and great cast. Like the finale when the audience had a singalong - just the right length of time.
Joyce, 11 Sep 2022
Very good viewing
I gave a 5 star rating for the show however where I was sitting I couldn’t really see the left side of the stage but was still entertained by the show. I couldn’t really see the back of the stage because of the movable props but overall was very reasonable price paid for the tickets.
Justine, 11 Sep 2022
A must see
Great Music and dancing - best musical ever😄
Michelle, 10 Sep 2022
Loved the show
Eleni, 07 Sep 2022
Fantastic show
Was one of the best performance I have seen in ages. The only downside was Sandie had brown hair. Would recommend to anyone, this is one to be watched.
Emru, 06 Sep 2022
Just enjoy and go with the story
peter, 06 Sep 2022
Lively non stop
None stop dancing and singing the whole way through
Deborah, 05 Sep 2022
Had an amazing night seating was perfect had lovely view from ROW K3 Will definitely be returning with friends, GRATITUDE To everyone involved,thank you KEVIN ODRISCOLL
KEVIN, 05 Sep 2022
Good Musical
I overall enjoyed the musical. The cast has nice voices, and the dances performance were impressive and dynamic. But I wasn`t amazed by the musical itself. I have seen other better musicals in London. The versions of the iconic songs were a bit disappointed, and the story was a little boring.
Laura, 05 Sep 2022
Great cast, but no Peter!
Loved the show but very disappointed not to see Peter Andre. Would have been polite to inform us of his non appearance at the start of the show. Although the understudy was excellent, because we expected Peter, it did detract from the overall experience
Mandy, 04 Sep 2022
Fantastic energy
Very uplifting and engaging- as well as the show being great, the staff at the theatre were phenomenal! Sitting in the stalls gives more part of it, especially at the end.
Carol, 03 Sep 2022
A must see.
High calibre in signing and dancing. The energy the cast had.
janet, 03 Sep 2022
Entertainment at its best
JAMES, 03 Sep 2022
Enjoyable for reminiscing
Fun show
Susan, 02 Sep 2022
An absolute MUST SEE!!
This was my 10 year old sons first time visiting the theatre and he absolutely loved it! The performance from all the cast was phenomenal! I would recommend this for everyone to go see.
Laura, 31 Aug 2022
Great family fun
We had a brilliant night. The performance was great. Thank you
Sally, 30 Aug 2022
Fun and fabulous
Excellent show! Staff were lovely also at the doors, kiosks and in the theatre. I would definitely go again
Siobhan, 29 Aug 2022
Grease revisiter
Enjoyed the show. Just would have liked the character of Danny to be more noticeable. He didnt always stand out enough.
Jill, 28 Aug 2022
Nice and easy show
Not demanding show, good option for a free evening with friends
Marcelina, 28 Aug 2022
I enjoyed it
I was a bit concerned as I had read some negative views. However, I really enjoyed it. The dancing was amazing. I had a great time.
Fiona, 27 Aug 2022
Must sea
Elena, 27 Aug 2022
Not as good as the movie
It was ok, but if you are a hardened fan of the movie - you might be a little let down.
Keith, 27 Aug 2022
Amazing show
Loved it!!
Sandra, 27 Aug 2022
Bringing back the age of Grease Lightning.
The entrance of Sandy should have been more highlighted like in the movie to make it a more of a wow factor.
Angela, 27 Aug 2022
Must see for the whole family!!
Fantastic show for all! You can go with friends or family. Myself, my husband and my daughter all enjoyed it. Order drinks before hand for the interval and they bring them to you. It saves queuing at the bar.
Carol, 25 Aug 2022
Classic grease. All the songs dances romances done with energy and fun. Very enjoyable
Tracy, 25 Aug 2022
This show was brilliant. Enjoyed every minute of it. Ordered drinks & nibbles beforehand for break. Arrived no problem. Our seats were great. Well done to all the cast & service at the theatre.
Jackie, 25 Aug 2022
Great talent, thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you
Mardi, 24 Aug 2022
We love it!!! We spent very good time!!
Pilar, 24 Aug 2022
Great entertainment- a jive fest
The film of Grease and its stars are a hard act to follow but this show was full of energy with fantastic dancing and singing. Peter Andre stole the show as Vince Fontaine. My only criticism was that some of the dialogue was hard to make out.
Maureen, 23 Aug 2022
Loved it!
Brilliant show, great singing, acting and special effects. Loved the show and would definitely recommend.
Fiona, 20 Aug 2022
A must-see show
We both really enjoyed the show on our first visit to the Dominion Theatre, really enjoyed the surroundings alot & the staff there was most professional, they done a terrific job.
Mark, 19 Aug 2022
Cheesy but nice show
Disappointed that Peter Andre was not on when on our tickets it was shown
Julie, 18 Aug 2022
Good high enery dancing and good set
Amrik, 18 Aug 2022
Some great singers throughout
Enjoyed the show good night out
kenny, 16 Aug 2022
Great show music and costumes were fab
Would recommend the show the only downside was the story did not include the car race and the car did not come out in all it's Grease lightning glory.
Ann, 13 Aug 2022
12th August 22
Great set design great performance. Thoroughly enjoyed.
Michael, 13 Aug 2022
Great if you like music and dancing
Well worth a watch
Kathy, 12 Aug 2022
Fun night out in London.
We had a great time. The show was incredibly entertaining and fun
Ryan, 12 Aug 2022
Slow burner
Very slow burner, first half was slightly dull but improved second part. Some of the singing slightly screechy. Expected more
John, 12 Aug 2022
Brilliant show, would recommend!
Cassie, 12 Aug 2022
A lightning success
Really great show, Peter Andre comical as vince Fonteyn and a beautiful tribute to Olivia newton John at the end
Fiona, 11 Aug 2022
Loved the whole experience the singing and dancing costumes everything a real good family show
Patricia, 11 Aug 2022
Exciting and perfect performance
Exciting and perfect acting singers
Alejandra, 10 Aug 2022
Poor diction
I took a family who learnt English as a foreign language, they are fluent but really struggled to follow the actors' lines. Disappointing
RICHARD, 09 Aug 2022
Very disappointing!
Hate to say this but the show was not nearly what we expected it to be. Save your money and watch the movie again!!
Katie, 09 Aug 2022
No T Birds?
No T Birds but Burger Palace Boys????
Suzanne, 06 Aug 2022
Amazing show
We searched for a London show to take our grandaughters aged 9 &11 years. We all loved it and they said it was the highlight of our two day trip. Pleasantly to see Peter Andre. Highly recommended.
Carol, 06 Aug 2022
It is a fantastic show for all ages a must see for a fabulous night out
Deb, 06 Aug 2022
Fantastic show
Fantastic energetic show with a great cast. Peter Andre was amazing and bought humour to the performance. The second half was even better than the first.
Beverly, 06 Aug 2022
Best musical ever!!!
The show was amazing, well done to everyone involved it was fabulous, loved every minute of it x
Madeleine, 05 Aug 2022
Peter Andre was a bit of a let down. Music good casting of leads may have been a bit better.
Graham, 04 Aug 2022
Fab show
Brilliant show but wear a cardy it was really cold in the theatre
Kim, 04 Aug 2022
Amazing show!
Fantastic performers and just such a wonderful show! We were sat on row N which had a great view. The staff were really friendly and there were programmes available to buy to remember the performance. Would say it's probably not a show for small kids though with the type of humour. Great for teens/adults! 10/10!
Lillian, 03 Aug 2022
Such a lovely majestic theatre. Wonderful acting, singing and dancing. Theatre staff extremely friendly and helpful. Exciting and memorable evening.
Stephanie, 01 Aug 2022
The musical was so fun! Recommend for couples, families.. anyone!
Kayleigh, 30 Jul 2022
New version
Very enjoyable evening. Seen the show before but this included new songs. Bit disappointed with the transition of Grease Lightning and the absence of the race but overall a super evening.
Peter, 30 Jul 2022
Slightly disappointing
Can't put my finger on it but felt something was lacking. Peter Andre was fab though!
Claire, 30 Jul 2022
Took our teenage son but unless you’ve seen the film the story line isn’t easy to get. Hard to pick out all the words on the songs and not easy to hear the other talk parts either. Would not recommend it.
Marion, 26 Jul 2022
it was ok, not brillant, could do better
annette, 24 Jul 2022
Hard to recognise the characters
As a big fan of grease the move i was upset that the actors did not look more like the original cast and found it hard to know who was who
karen, 20 Jul 2022