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Dirty Dancing - The Time of your Life

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Young Couples:

Brilliant show
Brilliant dancing by everyone singing was great and musicians The were some funny bits in it to
Sheila, 21 Mar 2023
If you want to see great dance and great acting!this is it❤️
Petri, 21 Mar 2023
wonderful everything actors musicians dancers, would watch again
Rosimeri, 20 Mar 2023
True to the movie!
Absolutely amazing
Bina, 20 Mar 2023
What a fun and entertaining evening!
Great dancing. Great acting! We were in awe! So much fun. We loved it!
Carolina, 19 Mar 2023
Great show although would have preferred some more singing.
Actors all great and “Johnny” very sexy. Could have done with being a bit more jazzed up to create a good audience participation. Really enjoyed it though.
Elaine, 19 Mar 2023
This show made us soooooo happy. A wonderful experience that we would do again, and again!!
Phyllis, 18 Mar 2023
Such a good feel good show
Wendy, 18 Mar 2023
Definitely a must see
An amazing performance by the actors.
JILL, 18 Mar 2023
Excellent feel good show
Absolutely loved everything about the show, the venue the seats and the atmosphere
barbara, 17 Mar 2023
Dirty Dancing
Brilliant show. Great dancing and singing. True to the movie.
Laura, 17 Mar 2023
Good dancing
A good dance show but acting was less good and no real storyline.
Nick, 16 Mar 2023
Seen this 3 times now and just love it The cast are great and the dancing is fab to Don’t miss this if your a lover of the film Well done to all!! Until next time x
Nicola, 16 Mar 2023
Would definitely recommend if you are a dirty dancing movie fan as just like it! Fantastic and would book your tickets now!😊💕
Diane, 16 Mar 2023
Dirty Dancing Birthday Break
What a great night. The acting, the singing and the story was first class. Would recommend to anyone in London for a feel good night out 👍👍👍
Paul, 15 Mar 2023
Charming, true to the movie and very entertaining.
Absolutely loved the show! The singing and acting was great and I was very entertained throughout. The ending was so lively and it did not disappoint! The chemistry between Baby and Johnny was magical! The only thing I might say is that, from my seat the sound was a bit muffled at times.
Gamze, 14 Mar 2023
Must see 👍🏻
All actors delivered perfect act and should be super proud of there job 👯‍♀️ after being my self in this show in Iceland I am so happy to have had the chance to see this perfomance Well done 🕺
Soley, 14 Mar 2023
A pleasant surprise
We all really enjoyed the show
Dean, 13 Mar 2023
This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! From start to finish it was brilliant, the actors and actresses were great, they even looked like the film characters, the dancing was fab and I felt drawn into the show. We booked last minute (same day) two seats on the isle of the edges of the stall, the seats were perfect, fantastic view. We pre ordered drinks and nibbles for pre show and the interval, which made our visit more relaxing. I’d watch it again. I’d definitely choose the seats again and I always pre book refreshments. Well done to all involved. Thank you!
Louise, 13 Mar 2023
Incredible show!
An evening not to miss, if you love musicals, dancing and the film you need to see this. Performed my incredible actors and actresses and the live musicians were just phenomenal. The choreography was brilliant and I would see it all over again it was that good!
Ruth, 12 Mar 2023
Vert beautifull
Beautifull and the cast are vert good and Bice
federica, 12 Mar 2023
Dirty Dirty Dancing
This show was so much better than the film - actors and dancing was amazing.
Janet, 12 Mar 2023
Tough going
Rather staid performance, dancing left much to be desired, hard going at times, props & scenery a bit amateurish
Colin, 12 Mar 2023
Great show. We were a family of all generations and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
We sat in the circle and had a really good view of the stage.
Sonya, 11 Mar 2023
Great show
A feel Good show, with toe tapping music with the audience singing along
Terence, 11 Mar 2023
“The Time of our Life”
I took my 84 year old friend and this was her first musical she loved it. It’s the 2nd time I have seen it. The dancing was amazing and the chemistry between the two leads made it all the more believable. Those that sang had wonderful voices and all in all it is one of the best shows I have seen.
Carol, 11 Mar 2023
Best musical ever
Really really loved it❤️ Strongly recommended!
Wenche, 11 Mar 2023
Lots of fun. Cast looked like the characters from the film! Really enjoyed a fabulous birthday treat u
Jaymini, 10 Mar 2023
Totally captivated
Excellent seats in circle giving clear view for all. Spectacular show transferred well from screen to stage. Dancers were amazing - especially the lead actors. Penny was mesmerising. Single negative point - the air conditioning was noisy, drowning out some of the dialogue, and freezing. Why was it even on?
Debra, 10 Mar 2023
Ignore the bad reviews it was AMAZING
The show was absolutely amazing, I read the reviews after I booked the tickets and I tried to cancel them but I couldn't. I SO glad I couldn't as the show really was so good and the goose bumps you get right at the end 😊
Katharine, 10 Mar 2023
Brilliant show
Great show well worth going great value for money
Jayne, 09 Mar 2023
Was amazing show.
Was amazing everything.
Ilona, 07 Mar 2023
Thoroughly enjoyable, vibrant and entertaining.
Robert, 07 Mar 2023
Loved it!!
That show was one of the best I’ve seen. They kept true to the movie but so well adapted to the theatre. At first the chemistry between the couple felt a bit shy but then it was brilliant. All actors were good espacially the part of Lisa. So fun!! Didn’t expect so much love music!! All of them including the singers were mind blowing and so similar to the movie in a good way. I went twice already ;).
Marie, 07 Mar 2023
Great dancing and singing amazing show
Justine, 07 Mar 2023
Bright and colourful
The show was comical which I did not think reflected the movie. There were references to racial issues which I think was not relevant to the movie. The seat was good. I found it very disappointing that the ussers kept on blocking my view walking up and down the stairs to tell people not to use there mobile phones and also that late arrivals were still being seated after the show had started disrupting my view.
Nicola, 07 Mar 2023
We had a wonderful evening, really feel good performance. Had seen the show some years ago, but thought the dancing was better in this performance.
Janice, 05 Mar 2023
Nice Theather! Exelent dancers!
Svein, 05 Mar 2023
Average entertainment
Could not fault the performers, but for someone who had not seen the film the story was hard to follow. There was a lot of distraction from the audience, mainly due to alcohol consumption and people seemly bored and talking excessively.
Ann, 04 Mar 2023
Absolutely brilliant show in all aspects
Superb performance with great music. Highly recommended for everyone.
PETER, 04 Mar 2023
Great show not to be missed
Its a shame that she is like a wind wasnt sing (((
Marcin, 03 Mar 2023
Great show!
Great musical as the movie was too. I cried like a baby seeing it. Would definitely recommend it!
Barbara, 02 Mar 2023
Lovely show
The show is pretty good, great dancers and singers. We really enjoyed this re-enactment of this cult movie. Audience’s reactions during the show make it real fun to watch.
Olga, 01 Mar 2023
Not what I was expecting.
This was my first time to see a show and was boring like I was expecting. It as better way better, funny comical lively, superb acting a little naughty in places(wasn’t expecting that lol) but honestly if I could watch it again I would. Definitely worth the money and the long travelling. Great view from where we sat. I’m sure we’re be back next year.
Kelly, 27 Feb 2023
One not to miss
Fantastic atmosphere and some great music not to mention the dancing
Joanne, 27 Feb 2023
Excellent and outstanding
Play was outstanding and all involved outstanding
Mervyn, 26 Feb 2023
Loved the show had a great night with my husband
Samantha, 26 Feb 2023
Good as the Film
The show was just like watching the film. Thoroughly entertaining, great acting, and singing. My 14 year old absoloutely loved it.
JEANETTE, 26 Feb 2023
Best show currently on in the West End
Absolutely blown away by the acting, dance, music of this show, by far the best I've seen for a long time, the theatre is lovely resting its old worldly charm just as it should be.
Pauline, 26 Feb 2023
great fun
Great music and dancing although some of the moves were very suggestive. I wouldn't recommend it for children. Very lively crowd.
Marian, 26 Feb 2023
Fan favourite
Fans of the film will love this. A great show, the audience add much to the enjoyment. Fab performances all round and a brilliant translation from film to stage.
Gareth, 25 Feb 2023
Make sure you wear a jacket if in the circle as the air con made it freezing cold
Glen, 25 Feb 2023
Amazing show
A must see show Absolutely amazing from start to finish
Sarah, 24 Feb 2023
Loved the whole exoerience
Winston, 23 Feb 2023
An excellent show!
An excellent show with the perfect cast, amazing dancers and wonderful singers!
Nicole, 23 Feb 2023
Perfect mother and daughter evening out
Went with my teenage daughter and had the perfect night. The theatre and show were amazing.
Diane, 21 Feb 2023
Such an enjoyable show
The show was just lovely, such fab actors, they completely captured their characters and you felt like you were back in the film at Kellermans.
claire, 21 Feb 2023
I had the time of my life!!!!!
What a great show!!! Really entertaining 🔥🔥🔥😎😎🔥🔥
Ignacio, 20 Feb 2023
Wonderful show and the music and dancing were outstanding!
A thoroughly wonderful show with very good acting, costumes design and outstanding music and dancing.
Adam, 20 Feb 2023
Had the time of my life!
The show was fantastic and lived upto everything,
Paul, 19 Feb 2023
Loved everything about the show
Beveley, 18 Feb 2023
The music and singing were excellent and were clearly audible unlike other recent theatre trips
Susan, 18 Feb 2023
Excellent production
Fantastic show, true to the film and well performed
Sarah, 17 Feb 2023
Great night out!!!!!
Absolutely brilliant. Funny, fabulous singing and dancing and not forgetting ‘no one puts baby in the corner’ A great show that encapsulates the film so brilliantly with just a couple of extra bits. Definitely worth a visit.
Gillian, 17 Feb 2023
A real pick me up!
Romance dancing and great music… what more could you ask for?
Chloe, 17 Feb 2023
Good fun
Dancing was amazing The singers were perfect And the whole team put 100%into their rolls.
Carol, 16 Feb 2023
Must see
A great feel good musical but would recommend watching the movie first if by some twist of fate you have never seen it. ( not essential) also the music is 50’s 60’s and the story set in a gentler time. The dancers were exciting and slick & the acting was solid and the story line although serious was empathetic and in places good humoured. It’s a simple story good beginning middle & end. The Dominion theatre is at the top of Tottenham Court rd tube station entrance/exit is opposite the theatre. Sweet kiosk next door to theatre does snacks coffee and you can take these into the show. ( good if late arrival). Prompt 7.30 start don’t dally. If coming by car from south Park near Paddington station ( Elizabeth line ) 2 stops on tube free parking in side streets on single yellow line after 6.30pm
mark, 16 Feb 2023
excellent performance by actors, overall good show
Parvez, 16 Feb 2023
Do not miss this show.
Possibly the best West End musical I have seen. Very professional, beautifully performed, totally mood lifting show. I can’t recommend it enough. My Granddaughter’s (11) first experience at a London theatre. She was blown away. As were we all. Don’t miss this.
Elaine, 14 Feb 2023
Absolutely Fantastic
Wow, the show was absolutely fantastic!!! The singers and the dancers were amazing 🤩. We had excellent seats too. I could easily have watched it over and over. A lovely end to our trip down from Scotland.
Hazel, 13 Feb 2023
fantastic show
i had never seen the film or show but had listened to the music many times, the rest of my party were experts of the film. I was impressed with the dancing and the music. the performers across the board were excellent and really well choreographed. i would recommend the show and would be happy to attend and watch again.
paul, 12 Feb 2023
Great show
Brilliant show. Good actors would definitely recommend
Ann Marie, 12 Feb 2023
Amazing performance!
A must watch show! Great acting and amazing singing.
Rebecca, 09 Feb 2023
The show was amazing great story just like the film great dancing loved it
Jaclyn, 07 Feb 2023
The show was amazing just like the film fantastic
Zoe, 06 Feb 2023
The film on a stage.
Literally the film on a stage. Good dancing.
Jennifer, 06 Feb 2023
My only gripe was when the tables were put in place for final scene i believe the table was misplaced as we were sitting right hand of stage and struggled to see the start of the dance because of the table if the table was placed in the corner of the stage everyone would have seen the showstopper dance but I thoroughly enjoyed the shoe well done to all
Sheila, 05 Feb 2023
Had the best time absolutely brilliant
Jenny, 04 Feb 2023
Had the time of our lives
A wonderful production of the big screen film. Absolutely loved it.
Colin, 04 Feb 2023
We really enjoyed Dirty Dancing! Great actors, great music! Just like the movie but a live-experience.
Elly, 04 Feb 2023
Amazing time
It was great not entirely what I imagined but so much fun.Atmosphere was amazing and my favourite cast member was the lady who played Jenny her dancing skills were exceptional the best I’ve ever seen.
Yvonne, 03 Feb 2023
Brilliant Show!!!
Super production - cast were awesome - fluent and produced brilliantly- well worth the trip to London - nostalgic, fun highly enjoyable!
Angela, 03 Feb 2023
A terrific, uplifting evening
My daughter absolutely loved the film when she was a young teenager, so this evening we went along together to enjoy this terrific stage production - and had, to coin a phrase, ‘The time of our lives’. Lovely theatre; welcoming staff; brilliant, pacy production, engaging actors and really great dancers and musicians - we absolutely loved it, and the whole audience was on its feet at the end !
Chris, 03 Feb 2023
This show lifts you up, totally recommend 👌 💃🕺
Firstly shout out to the band, lovely to see them on stage rather than under it, and they were fantastic. Great job by the cast, the actor who played Baby was brilliant, hilarious journey as she was learning to dance. Johnny.... well.. his shirt came off and you won't be disappointed 😉😎 Portrayed the moody, sexy, amazing dancer that you want to see in this part so well. The dancing from all the cast was so good, I wanted to see more. Not through the crowd as per the film version, though the famous lift was done perfectly! A moment that raised the roof. Great show. Loved it.
Georgina, 02 Feb 2023
Must see
Fantastic show Fantastic performance gret highly recommended 👌
david, 02 Feb 2023
Great night out
Great show from start to finish. Didn't want it to end. The music and dancing was fantastic.
Margaret, 01 Feb 2023
Must see
Absolutely brilliant
Donna, 01 Feb 2023
Great place and value for money would visit again.
Our First time visit to London to see a show with our teenage children, we all thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recomend a trip for an inspiration boost,a truly magnificent experience for all the family.
Richard, 30 Jan 2023
Excellent evening out
The show was absolutely brilliant & the audience really appreciated the cast.
Isobel, 28 Jan 2023
Fantastic show
Well worth it we loved it. The music and dancing were amazing We want to go and see it again ❤️
Marion, 28 Jan 2023
All action great presentation
Easy to get to venue. Comfy seats. Great music & storyline
mervyn, 28 Jan 2023
really good show
Dee, 28 Jan 2023
Enjoyed Dirty Dancing
High energy performance from all cast made this a truly wonderful experience
Jo, 28 Jan 2023
Super. J’ai adoré
Très bons acteurs. Bonne musique en directe. Tout était parfait. Je la recommande 👍🏻
carole, 28 Jan 2023
Evening show 27 January 2023
I have seen this show before many years ago with a different cast in a different part of the country - tonight’s show was the best ever! I was absolutely thrilled !!
Ian, 28 Jan 2023
At first I thought Jonny was a bit more Elvis but soon got used to him. Baby was brilliant, such a likeness. All the characters were fab, singing was great , dancing amazing …on.y let down was the staging , very minimal and unimaginative. Highly recommend
Heidi, 28 Jan 2023
Was definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen
Todd, 27 Jan 2023
Devoid of dynamism, dull storyline, sorry!
Just not my thing, too cheesy, sentimental, outdated American college kids with zero storyline. Best thing was last song & dance routine. Dancers were great, singing was great, acting was pretty decent, storyline very weak & dull
Amanda, 27 Jan 2023
Best show ever!!!
I have seen this show about 10 times…and this was the best yet. Just incredible. Well done cast and crew xxx
Samantha, 27 Jan 2023
Great show
Definitely go to see. It's a brilliant, feel good show. We all know the storyline, just enjoy the singing and dancing.
Jana, 27 Jan 2023