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Dirty Dancing - The Time of your Life

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Wednesday, 18 January 2023

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Saturday, 29 April 2023

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Young Couples:

Fabulous dancing, music, singing, costumes. Great fun.
Penelope, 30 Apr 2023
Feel good
The whole performance was outstanding.
Jason, 30 Apr 2023
Really great show pulls out all the iconic parts of the film loved it
Wendy, 29 Apr 2023
Must see!!! Best show ever!
Amazing dancers singers and actors incredible atmosphere and the best time of your life literally must see show!!
Jasmine, 29 Apr 2023
Nostalgic bliss
Dirty dancing in London is a feel good back to the 80,s moment. Good vibes, memorable music and tap along to tunes from the past. Similar to Summer Holiday mode with the 60 s being the generation uplift. What spoilt this show was the large groups …and female duos in the audience who just got too over excited at the sight of a very good looking guy…with a fantastic physique I add, take his shirt off a couple of times. Totally inappropriate behaviour for a theatre goer in my opinion. Be aware, this happens quite often apparently so if you’re sitting next to a group or two, you will miss a lot of the dialogue…shame.
Michael, 29 Apr 2023
Fantastic, iconic show!!
Amazing dancing from start to finish, with all the memorable bits from the movie!
Jane, 29 Apr 2023
Very good
Paula, 29 Apr 2023
Contagious good vibes
We loved the show! I was with my 90 years old aunt and we were treated like princesses by the staff! Thank you! The show was super fun! Amazing cast amazing dancing
Alice, 27 Apr 2023
Fantastic, amazing had a great time
It was just liking watching the film. All tha actor's played their parts like the real actors.
Julie, 27 Apr 2023
A triumph
The cast, dancing and singing were absolutely first class, you leave thoroughly entertained and on a high
Paula, 27 Apr 2023
Could not fault.
If anyone has a negative to say about the show they really shouldn't be going to the theatre anymore. The best show we have seen for years (and we have seen a few) Don't know why it's closing on 29th, could run & run.
Steve, 27 Apr 2023
Great show, well worth our journey from Scotland!
As we both remember the 1960’s it brought back great memories of our teenage years! The standard of dancing and singing was outstanding. Some parts of the storyline were a bit slow but it didn’t stop us having a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Will recommend it to there.
James, 26 Apr 2023
Best show. Great dancing and singing.
Visiting in London for our 50th wedding anniversary. Loved the show and a great story.
Susan, 25 Apr 2023
Must see
It was a spectacular show. There wasn’t a sec that i got bored. It myst have been on your to go list
Bahar, 25 Apr 2023
All the good memories
I went to see Dirty Dancing because I'm a fan of the movie. It was all there really really well adapted to the stage. My companion and I loved it.
Mohamed-Nour, 25 Apr 2023
The was amazing would recommend people to go and see it loved it
Tracy, 24 Apr 2023
The actors depicted the film very well.The acting and dancing were excellent and the four main actors were sensational.
Christopher, 23 Apr 2023
It was so enjoyable it took me back to when I first watched the film
patricia, 23 Apr 2023
Dirty Dancing
Amazing show and truly an amazing experience with a friend.
Monica, 23 Apr 2023
This show was absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to anyone and I would go see it again in a heartbeat. I smiled from the beginning until the end.
Jennifer, 22 Apr 2023
Bright, funny & feel good feeling
Fantastic show, great laughs
Tom, 22 Apr 2023
What an amazing et crazy show!
Yesterday was my last evening in London with my daughter, et we ended our trip with a ? firework with the fabulous company of Dirty Dancing ! We have spent a marvelous night , with the comedians who make me laugh, almost cry, have their beautiful energy in the theatre , it was incredible !! Thanks to all the comediens who make us dreamt yesterday!! And the londonien public is “ crazy” because he take action on the show, applause, laugh at loud , “wouhouhing ”,we don’t do that in France and it’s so sad ! The Dominion theater is beautiful ! Thanks to all the staff and the company!
Caroline, 22 Apr 2023
What an amazing et crazy show!
Yesterday was my last evening in London with my daughter, et we ended our trip with a ? firework with the fabulous company of Dirty Dancing ! We have spent a marvelous night , with the comedians who make me laugh, almost cry, have their beautiful energy in the theatre , it was incredible !! Thanks to all the comediens who make us dreamt yesterday!! And the londonien public is “ crazy” because he take action on the show, applause, laugh at loud , “wouhouhing ”,we don’t do that in France and it’s so sad ! The Dominion theater is beautiful ! Thanks to all the staff and the company!
Caroline, 22 Apr 2023
Great show, great music.
Gillian, 21 Apr 2023
If you like the film you'll love the musical
I'm not a great fan of the film. However the musical brought a new dimension to the story
Andy, 20 Apr 2023
Great energy on stage & fabulous dancing
What a wonderful night out! Such talented performers and the music and songs are a treat. Absolutely loved it!
Susy, 20 Apr 2023
must see
brilliant show would definitely recommend
joanne, 19 Apr 2023
Best show
The show was extremely well acted and all performers were fantastic. They acted their parts exceptionally well and everyone knew their parts and their dance routines. I was very entertained and pleased that I went to the show. Thank you all
Brenda, 18 Apr 2023
A must see
Best one yet
Mary, 17 Apr 2023
Great show which followed the original storyline perfectly!
Andy, 16 Apr 2023
Young love
Excellent show although the music was a little loud sometimes and I could not hear the speakers clearly All in all brilliant
Linda, 16 Apr 2023
Fantastic singing and dancing. Great to have the amazing scenes from the film included. Acting was great too.
Sue, 15 Apr 2023
Very happy with everything
Marie, 14 Apr 2023
This was amazing and would recommend everyone seeing it
Rachel, 14 Apr 2023
Uplifting, a bit of fun and nice way to spend the evening.
Raymond, 13 Apr 2023
Better than the film!
Better than the film! My first theatre show and it really didn’t disappoint. Loved it from start to finish!
Tamsin, 13 Apr 2023
Fabous Show
Best show ever. I just loved it. Great acting, dancing amazing, costumes beautiful.
Karen, 12 Apr 2023
Very good fun, goes by so quickly!
The leads have amazing chemistry and the whole show is full of non-stop dancing, it's great fun!
Kriti, 12 Apr 2023
A must see
A wonderful show. Such amazing dancing and wonderful acting. Would recommend
Jason, 11 Apr 2023
Doesn't live up to its billing.
I found that the production values were more aligned with those of a provincial theatre than the West End; some of the musical performances were good and the dancing was well-executed, but only Kira Malou, in the lead role of Frances "Baby" Houseman, offered an acting performance of any note. For a production billed as "The biggest live theatre sensation of all time", it can only be described as disappointing. It failed to draw a standing ovation and nobody left the theatre singing - not to mention that one of the film's most famous songs, She's Like The Wind, was performed only in part as an instrumental.
Ian, 11 Apr 2023
Time of your life
Show was amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing x
Michelle, 10 Apr 2023
The show was amazing!!!! The seats were great, you could see the whole stage. I can not say a negative comment as everything was fantastic. This is my second time of watching the show and would definitely go again!!!!
Madeleine, 09 Apr 2023
Captivating storytelling
The musical compels, moves and envelops us with its grand and captivating story, dancing and music. being close to the exit was a good idea as we had enough time to go an grab a bite and a drink quicker during the break. No need to rent a pair of binoculars.
Neli, 09 Apr 2023
Feel Good Romantic Hit
Great casting , you immediately get sucked into the story. Great chorus and musicians . Overall Leaves you with happy feeling !
Yasmina, 09 Apr 2023
Great fun, great music and sets ! A very enjoyable show
Maria, 08 Apr 2023
Absolutely brilliant ?
Tara, 08 Apr 2023
Not the best stage version of a film but enjoyable.
The show starts quite badly with the story not coming across that clearly - if you hadn’t seen the film you’d not really know what was going on - and the acting was pretty poor. The dancing made up for it and the big finale made it all worthwhile. Would have liked to hear more singing of the songs in the film rather than just playing parts of them in the background. Not the best stage version of a film but enjoyable.
Rachael, 07 Apr 2023
Absolutely mind blowing
Wow exceeded my expectations the whole show was amazing
Dianne, 07 Apr 2023
Fantastic dancers, true to the film. Acting amazing.
I was not disappointed in this at all. Didn't know what to expect but so pleased it was the same as the film.
jayne, 07 Apr 2023
I had the time of my life ?
Johnny and Baby were spot on fantastic cast great feel good music any fan of the movie will love it.
Rachael, 07 Apr 2023
Fantastic show and worth seeing!.
Ian, 06 Apr 2023
Brilliant show!
Loved the show from start to finish. It was so well cast with brilliant performances. The music was excellent too. Would watch it over and over.
TANIA, 06 Apr 2023
Excellent show
Seating was excellent. It was up there with my favourite excellent performance.
Heidi, 06 Apr 2023
Amazing nostalgic
Great amazing cast
Adam, 04 Apr 2023
Won’t disappoint!
Glorious evening of singing and dancing. If you liked the movie you’ll love the show.
Julie, 04 Apr 2023
Best musical
We were in Circle seats B1,B2 and could not see to the right of the stage as a large speaker blocks it. These seats should be marked as restricted view. Apart from the above we thoroughly enjoyed the show! Music was great and it was well acted!
Paul, 03 Apr 2023
what a fantastic show much like the film but with some added extras. Baby dancing was so funny when learning to dance. and what can i say a about Johnny if only he was in the gift shop
Emma, 02 Apr 2023
Phenomenal performances with super music and dancing. The best musical I have ever seen and the actors should be proud of themselves. Great night out
donal, 02 Apr 2023
Amazing ?
Absolutely Amazing ?
carley, 02 Apr 2023
Wonderful show
The show was great, but the venue was Freezing cold so we have to wear the coat all the time. Make sure, bring a good coat.
Ronaldo, 01 Apr 2023
Amazing voices, wonderful dancing, for myself was very sentimental and emotional as I saw the movie many times but I have taken my daughter with my and she was amazed. Thank you very much every single actor and actress and everyone involved in the production.
Angelika, 01 Apr 2023
Great show
Panny and baby Great acting so real
Ewa, 01 Apr 2023
Great show, would highly recommend! True to the film and thoroughly enjoyable.
Lisa, 01 Apr 2023
Well worth seeing the show fabulous
Gloria, 01 Apr 2023
Brilliant dancers, funny, HOT and one Michael Oreilly!!
Gili, 31 Mar 2023
Foi super interativo! Parabéns
JULIANA, 29 Mar 2023
It has been wonderful, after watching the film, you see how much it adapts, they dance great and act even better I highly recommend it.
Dario, 29 Mar 2023
A must see
If you loved the film you will love this show.
Lisa, 28 Mar 2023
You did need to know the story , but absolutely fabulous show
Margaret, 27 Mar 2023
I carried a watermelon
Brilliant show thoroughly enjoyed it. Came with a friend and wasn't disappointed would definitely see it again.
Samantha, 26 Mar 2023
Great show
Loved it
Diane, 25 Mar 2023
One to watch!
I can't fault anything about this show or theatre venue. We had an amazing experience from start to finish and the casting was spot on. If you love the film then you love this show.
Samantha, 25 Mar 2023
Based on the film but with wonderful live actors/ dancers which gave it so much atmosphere. I would love to have been closer to the stage (I was in the circle) but enjoyed every minute. Would certainly go to see it again. The dancing was brilliant.
Heather, 25 Mar 2023
If you loved the film you will love the show. Brilliant dancing, and excellent cast. Don’t miss it!
Luisa, 25 Mar 2023
Fun night
Thoroughly enjoyed this show
Alison, 24 Mar 2023
Excellent show, great cast!
Brings back the movie 10 times, highly recommended. Great cast, prima acting, sexy dancing and singing to die for. Get your tickets now.
Astrid, 23 Mar 2023
It was creative, entertaining and a must see!
Antoinette, 23 Mar 2023
A must see
Amazing show! Would definitely go again!
Marine, 22 Mar 2023
Well worth a visit
Based on the film with a few extras - dancing and music was fantastic.
Dianne, 22 Mar 2023
Brilliant show
Brilliant dancing by everyone singing was great and musicians The were some funny bits in it to
Sheila, 21 Mar 2023
If you want to see great dance and great acting!this is it❤️
Petri, 21 Mar 2023
wonderful everything actors musicians dancers, would watch again
Rosimeri, 20 Mar 2023
True to the movie!
Absolutely amazing
Bina, 20 Mar 2023
What a fun and entertaining evening!
Great dancing. Great acting! We were in awe! So much fun. We loved it!
Carolina, 19 Mar 2023
Great show although would have preferred some more singing.
Actors all great and “Johnny” very sexy. Could have done with being a bit more jazzed up to create a good audience participation. Really enjoyed it though.
Elaine, 19 Mar 2023
This show made us soooooo happy. A wonderful experience that we would do again, and again!!
Phyllis, 18 Mar 2023
Such a good feel good show
Wendy, 18 Mar 2023
Definitely a must see
An amazing performance by the actors.
JILL, 18 Mar 2023
Excellent feel good show
Absolutely loved everything about the show, the venue the seats and the atmosphere
barbara, 17 Mar 2023
Dirty Dancing
Brilliant show. Great dancing and singing. True to the movie.
Laura, 17 Mar 2023
Good dancing
A good dance show but acting was less good and no real storyline.
Nick, 16 Mar 2023
Seen this 3 times now and just love it The cast are great and the dancing is fab to Don’t miss this if your a lover of the film Well done to all!! Until next time x
Nicola, 16 Mar 2023
Would definitely recommend if you are a dirty dancing movie fan as just like it! Fantastic and would book your tickets now!??
Diane, 16 Mar 2023
Dirty Dancing Birthday Break
What a great night. The acting, the singing and the story was first class. Would recommend to anyone in London for a feel good night out ???
Paul, 15 Mar 2023
Charming, true to the movie and very entertaining.
Absolutely loved the show! The singing and acting was great and I was very entertained throughout. The ending was so lively and it did not disappoint! The chemistry between Baby and Johnny was magical! The only thing I might say is that, from my seat the sound was a bit muffled at times.
Gamze, 14 Mar 2023
Must see ??
All actors delivered perfect act and should be super proud of there job ?‍♀️ after being my self in this show in Iceland I am so happy to have had the chance to see this perfomance Well done ?
Soley, 14 Mar 2023
A pleasant surprise
We all really enjoyed the show
Dean, 13 Mar 2023
This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! From start to finish it was brilliant, the actors and actresses were great, they even looked like the film characters, the dancing was fab and I felt drawn into the show. We booked last minute (same day) two seats on the isle of the edges of the stall, the seats were perfect, fantastic view. We pre ordered drinks and nibbles for pre show and the interval, which made our visit more relaxing. I’d watch it again. I’d definitely choose the seats again and I always pre book refreshments. Well done to all involved. Thank you!
Louise, 13 Mar 2023
Incredible show!
An evening not to miss, if you love musicals, dancing and the film you need to see this. Performed my incredible actors and actresses and the live musicians were just phenomenal. The choreography was brilliant and I would see it all over again it was that good!
Ruth, 12 Mar 2023
Vert beautifull
Beautifull and the cast are vert good and Bice
federica, 12 Mar 2023