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Dirty Dancing - The Time of your Life

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Wednesday, 18 January 2023

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Saturday, 29 April 2023

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Young Couples:

Hen do!
Show was good but spoilt by drunken “hen do” antics of large proportion of audience. Heckling and jeering of actors, mainly Johnny, not necessary.
John, 17 Apr 2022
Great evening 👍👍
Paul, 17 Apr 2022
Production on a shoestring with appalling singing
So disappointed in this show … it’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen. It felt like the whole production was made on a shoe string and the continual scene changes made it very disjointed. That said the scene changes were people based as there were very little stage props again giving the feel that it had been done on the cheap. It was also the last night of the performance and yet there was no acknowledgement of this from the performers …. No encore even. Singing was absolutely terrible… so overall very poor and definitely not worth the money or any recommendation.
Sarah, 17 Apr 2022
This was an amazing show the dancing was brilliant 👏 the singing was good you could see the smiles on there faces which was lovely must see show.
Tracy, 17 Apr 2022
Joanne, 16 Apr 2022
Matteo, 16 Apr 2022
Perfect performance
Katarina, 16 Apr 2022
Classical must see
Matteo, 16 Apr 2022
Enjoyed the show but a bit disappointed as exactly the same as the film. No surprises. Baby and Johnny didn't sing at all. Was good but definitely not in my top5 for West End shows. Seats were good though had an excellent view
Karen, 16 Apr 2022
Anna, 16 Apr 2022
Pleasant way to spend an evening.
Tamara, 15 Apr 2022
Samuel Bailey a future leading man
Really enjoyed the show Thought Samuel Bailey has a fantastic voice a future leading man. Well done all
Samantha, 15 Apr 2022
Puts a smile on your face!
Actors echoed the look and characters of the original movie perfectly. Singing was high class! Lots of humour in it too. Wanted more encores! Audience was great and vocally responsive to the characters. Dancing was spectacular!
Diane, 15 Apr 2022
What a fab night!
My girls and I loved everything about this show! I was dancing in my seat ❤️💃🏻 If you love the film you’re going to fall in love with this show! Be prepared to be mouthing the iconic lines and dancing along!
Raymond, 15 Apr 2022
The best show of 2020
Great show great cast ! it couled be great if there was more option to buy soft drinks as we tryed and it was so buzzy :( And i didt get the link to buy in advance food :(
gil, 15 Apr 2022
Great musical you must see
I loved the film and this musical faithfully translated it to the stage. We loved it !
John, 14 Apr 2022
Absolutely amazing! Im from Ireland and was meant to go with a friend but she cancelled last minute so I was a bit hesitant on wether or not to still come, and I am so glad I did! Out of everything I’ve ever seen, definitely by far the best!
Aoife, 14 Apr 2022
Dirty dancing -Amazing
We st in the circle row N , had a great view , could see and hear the whole show, Toilets close by, ordered our drinks for the interval prior which were bought to us , loved that ! It was just really hot in the theatre .
Sarah, 14 Apr 2022
Colorful, creative and must see!
Lilach Goldy, 13 Apr 2022
Sandra, 13 Apr 2022
Phenomenal! Fantastic singers, dancers and live musicians!
Charlie, 12 Apr 2022
Ursula, 12 Apr 2022
Amazing night
Such a great feel good show
joanne, 12 Apr 2022
Very disappointed
Very lacklustre No connection between actors Johnny had no charisma It was very uncomfortable to watch, audience were desperate to have a good time and got involved with the finale but it was not a good show. I would advise having a few drinks and it would then make it bearable.
Jane, 12 Apr 2022
Good seats for the price
Julie, 12 Apr 2022
Just like like the film!
Just wish it featured more of the original soundtrack
Steven, 12 Apr 2022
Amazing show pity it’s ending
Michelle, 12 Apr 2022
Definitely the time of my life
Fab show, excellent characters, exceptional dancing brilliant music and singing. I really enjoyed it.
Jayne, 11 Apr 2022
Just like the film
Sheila, 11 Apr 2022
Great memories
Chrissy, 10 Apr 2022
Best show ever
Great acting and atmosphere funny bits and dancing at the end was the best
Sam, 10 Apr 2022
Brilliant show
Peter, 10 Apr 2022
Beautiful theatre and fantastic show
David, 10 Apr 2022
Tatyana, 09 Apr 2022
Create a must see
Fantastic performance, excellent dancing and singing. Really recommend this show.
Denise, 09 Apr 2022
Linda, 09 Apr 2022
Absolutely fabulous
Brilliant show, thoroughly enjoyed.
CAZ, 09 Apr 2022
Must see
This was an amazing show i would deffo recommend it
Karen, 09 Apr 2022
Excellent - best show ever
Had the time of our lives This show is amazing
Michael, 09 Apr 2022
I went not feeling that excited but wow it exceeded my expectations 100% . Absolutely amazing views from the seats we had too!
Carly, 09 Apr 2022
Came expecting a rerun, saw a stunning classic brought very much alive!!!
Seating is this theater is rough, each row sits almost exactly behind the row in front, so their head blocks your view. Hope for someone short or buy the seat in front of you so you don’t miss anything. I was enjoying the show at a 5 level, until the last 20 minutes. The group dancing, the adherence to the best parts of the movie, and the music took me over and the tears of joy began. What a great group of actors/dancers/musicians. Flawlessly staged
Dan, 08 Apr 2022
Amazing..... Nobody puts baby in the corner
Clare, 08 Apr 2022
Dirty Dancing Show
Loved the show, great atmosphere, everyone was clapping and singing along
Joan, 08 Apr 2022
Emotional memories
Great uplifting and fun evening out
Kerry, 07 Apr 2022
Very fun!
Christiane, 07 Apr 2022
Out of this World Amazing.
I relieved my youth in a magical evening watching an incredible cast present a beautiful n magical show. Fantastic experience 👏 👌 🙌 😀 👍 😊
Angela, 07 Apr 2022
Fantastic show, very like the film
Great show, so like the film. Main characters Johnny and Baby acted and danced out their parts to a tee! Very much a feel good show, with great music and cast. Would highly recommend
Melissa, 06 Apr 2022
Don't arrive early they won't let you in so if its cold or raining outside your in trouble
Giuseppe, 06 Apr 2022
Dance is the best
The dancing was fabulous as were the musicians. Great sets were very creative and the 2 main vocalists were exceptional.
Susan, 05 Apr 2022
Emily, 05 Apr 2022
Must see
Nicola, 05 Apr 2022
Really enjoyed this great show
annette, 05 Apr 2022
No one puts baby in the corner
Second half so much better than the first I felt the story was very much rushed through and the actors American accents were very over the top!
Stephanie, 05 Apr 2022
If you've missed it, what a shame!
An absolutely amazing show. Everything was just so well put together. The dancing was perfect, the actors incredible, musicians great. Audience participation was thrilling. A show not to have been missed.
Lorraine, 05 Apr 2022
Just amazing! They did the film proud!
Amanda, 04 Apr 2022
Brilliant show
Deimante, 04 Apr 2022
Must see
Actors smashed it band ace dancing fantastic all round classic took to the stage loved it x
Samantha, 04 Apr 2022
my wife really enjoyed this
Andrew, 04 Apr 2022
Show was fantastic & give me a goosebumps, me & my partner felt emotional with the big lift at the end, loved every part ❤️
Gavin, 04 Apr 2022
Very good adaptation of the film
This show was extremely good on the whole. Dancing was brilliant from all the cast. Singing and musicians excellent too. There were a couple of times in the show where nothing was actually happening on the stage. Not sure if this was a technical problem or part of the show. It did interrupt the flow somewhat but all in all this is a very good show especially for lovers of the original film.
Julie, 03 Apr 2022
One of my favourite films and now one of my favourite theatre experience
Sarah, 03 Apr 2022
Excellent dancing/music
Thoroughly enjoyable. Well staged. Great music for a much loved classic. Brilliant cast
ALISON, 03 Apr 2022
Excellent dancing/music
Thoroughly enjoyable. Well staged. Great music for a much loved classic. Brilliant cast
ALISON, 03 Apr 2022
Everyone, including the cast up for it!
chris, 03 Apr 2022
Fantastic show
Absolutely fabulous, would have stayed and watched it all over again.
Joy, 02 Apr 2022
Feel good show x
Very good feel good show would recommend to everyone we had a great time
christine, 02 Apr 2022
Most see
The show was amazing, the characters played got it spot on, the dancing was amazing from start to end, the costumes were colourful and reflected the sixty’s, thought the way the water scenes was great got it spit on, would definitely see this show again
Mandy, 02 Apr 2022
The show is amazing 🤩!!!!
Vanessa, 02 Apr 2022
A feel good show
An enjoyable show for everyone. Good music & the actors were spot on.
Jan, 01 Apr 2022
Fatima, 01 Apr 2022
Feel good tribute to a classic film
Loved it from start to finish! It was so much like the film with amazing dancing and extra scenes!
Hannah, 31 Mar 2022
It’s a feeling, a heartbeat.
Simply a great night out! We'll come again.
Romana, 31 Mar 2022
Paul, 31 Mar 2022
Feel good factor
Great show, big production, good singing dancing and acting not forgetting the musicians and the singers
Gary, 31 Mar 2022
I enjoy it must see the last show
I am up for the last show,for the term oh yes.
Lisa, 30 Mar 2022
Fantastic show
Sharon, 30 Mar 2022
Absolutely amazing!
I went to the show with my mum and my two daughters who are 13 & 15. It was a Mothers Day treat, We all really enjoyed ourselves. We sat around 4 rows back on the stalls and the view was great. I would highly recommend going to see this show.
Hayley, 30 Mar 2022
Absolutely Brilliant!
I was hesitant to see a live version of my favorite movie but the acting, choreography, story and music were very much aligned with the movie. There were a few twists as to be expected but overall, an outstanding performance!!
Hasina, 30 Mar 2022
For all age groups, music brilliant, realy great evening a
Andrea, 29 Mar 2022
Took my Nan as a present for Mother’s Day. We sat row J seats 25&26 and we have never had such big smiles on our faces! Amazing , energetic, the dancers were phenomenal! Actors who played Johnny and baby was brilliant perfect fit. Would of loved to see again before it stopped!:( worth every penny
Lauren, 29 Mar 2022
Entertaining and very uplifting
Great dancers and a humorous enactment.
Augusta, 29 Mar 2022
Fantastic show would definitely recommend
Karen, 29 Mar 2022
Must see show !!!!
nigel, 29 Mar 2022
True to the film and highly enjoyable. A must see...
Simon, 29 Mar 2022
We love the show, we must see it again in two weeks time.
We love ❤ it so much that we are going to see it again soon, we will like to have the same seats please thank u 🙏 so much for that.
Lisa, 29 Mar 2022
Amazing show
Amazing production. Feel good and the lift 😊😊😊😊
Laura, 28 Mar 2022
The best show I’ve seen! Awesome! Amazing actors/dancers!
Micheline, 28 Mar 2022
Pure joy
So much fun, loved it
Gail, 28 Mar 2022
Amazing show! Highly recommend
Nicola, 28 Mar 2022
Excellent show
Stephen, 27 Mar 2022
Great show
Pamela, 27 Mar 2022
The show is great
The show is for everyone.
lorraine, 27 Mar 2022
A must see
Matt, 26 Mar 2022
An enjoyable afternoon
Amazing dancing, music and story. The only negative was the terrible American accent by the lead. I can only guess he was trying to be someone from Tennessee who took a really bad hit to the head. But man can the guy dance - and those lifts were so darn impressive. Overall a very enjoyable time.
Suzanne, 26 Mar 2022
Dirty dancing
Desmond, 26 Mar 2022
Just Ok
Lacked excitement, too many unfinished songs, theatre far too hot. Seen an overall better version a few years ago. Lovely to see newly qualified graduates perform but this show was not one for me.
JENNY, 26 Mar 2022
Build to an amazing end
Lead didn't quite have johhnys accent weighed off, but thoroughly entertaining, especially second half and stick to the script of the film
Nathan, 25 Mar 2022
Feel Good show
Very enjoyable did justice to the film. Great acting from all the cast .music good.Whats not to like
Geraldine, 25 Mar 2022
Bernadette, 25 Mar 2022
Relax and Enjoy
Nadine, 25 Mar 2022